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Bangkok to Tak

50mfrom $12

Mukdahan to Tak

11h 50mfrom $22

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11h 45mfrom $16

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40mfrom $7

Khon Kaen to Tak

8h 20mfrom $15

Phitsanulok to Tak

1h 55mfrom $9

Rayong to Tak

9h 45mfrom $20
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Tak bus terminal, Chiang Ngoen, Mueang Tak District, Tak 63000, Thailand
333F+4X4 Tak Ok, Ban Tak District, Tak, Thailand
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Sukhothai Wintour | Green Bus | Sukhothai Thani | Phetprasert | Thai Sriram | Sasanan Tour | Sasanun Transport | Cherdchai Tour | Nok Air | 

Electricity and socket type

Voltage: 220V, Socket type: A, B, C, F and O.

Internet accessibility

Wi-fi is almost standard in hotels, guesthouses and cafes. Signal strength deteriorates in the upper floors of a multistorey building; request a room near a router if wi-fi is essential. Cellular data networks continue to expand and increase in capability.

Are credit cards accepted across the country?


Mentionable public holidays

New Year’s Day | Chinese New Year | Makha Bucha Day | Chakri Day | Songkran Festival | Labour Day | Royal Ploughing Ceremony | Visakha Bucha Day | Eid Al Fitr | Asahna Bucha Day | Khao Phansa Day | King Vajiralongkorn's Birthday | Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday | Passing of His Majesty the Late King | Chulalongkorn Memorial Day | His Majesty the Late King's Birthday | Constitution Day | Christmas Day | New Year's Eve

How much does a local transport ticket cost?

26 Baht (one way).

How much does a dinner at a nice restaurant cost?

350 Baht.

Do I need any vaccinations before I visit Thailand?


Who needs a Visa to enter Thailand?

Bulgaria | Bhutan | China | Cyprus | Ethiopia | Fiji | Georgia | India | Kazakhstan | Malta | Mexico | Nauru | Mauritius | Papua New Guinea | Romania | Saudi Arabia | Taiwan | Uzbekistan | Vanuatu