A charming view from within central United Arab Emirates

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Popular routes

Dubai to Abu Dhabi

55mfrom $10

Al Ain to Sharjah

2hfrom $151

Al Ruwais to Dubai

3h 20mfrom $258

Dubai to Kuala Lumpur

7h 15mfrom $295

Jumeirah to Abu Dhabi

1h 25mfrom $76

Medina to Dubai

2h 40mfrom $307

Palm Jumeirah to Dubai

1h 20mfrom $47

Abu Dhabi to Sharjah

1h 30mfrom $93

Dubai to Ajman

35mfrom $54

Istanbul to Abu Dhabi

4h 20mfrom $483

Deira to Dubai

20mfrom $40

Qasr Al Sarab to Dubai

3h 20mfrom $258

Abu Dhabi to Muscat

1h 10mfrom $45

Casablanca to Dubai

7h 20mfrom $487

Sharjah to Cairo

3h 40mfrom $146

Abu Dhabi to Deira

1h 45mfrom $76

Dubai to Bateen Liwa

3h 40mfrom $258

Muscat to Dubai

1h 5mfrom $130

Dubai to Tashkent

3h 10mfrom $200

Fujairah to Abu Dhabi

2h 24mfrom $200

Sharjah to Sharjah

20mfrom $47

Sharjah to Al Ruwais

3h 40mfrom $258

Al Ruwais to Sharjah

3h 40mfrom $258

Dubai to Palm Jumeirah

1h 20mfrom $47

Cairo to Dubai

3h 20mfrom $258

Abu Dhabi to Bateen Liwa

2h 30mfrom $184

Riyadh to Dubai

1h 55mfrom $133

Sharjah to Fujairah

1h 10mfrom $135

Dubai to Qasr Al Sarab

3h 20mfrom $258

Dubai to Istanbul

4h 30mfrom $138

Amman to Dubai

2h 55mfrom $352

Dubai to Sharjah

20mfrom $47

Muscat to Abu Dhabi

1h 5mfrom $42

Dubai to Al Barsha

10mfrom $24

Dubai to Riyadh

1h 55mfrom $121

Dubai to Bur Dubai

10mfrom $40

Dubai to Mumbai

3hfrom $90

Dubai to Jumeirah

15mfrom $47

Qasr Al Sarab to Sharjah

3h 40mfrom $258

Ajman to Dubai

35mfrom $54

Abu Dhabi to Istanbul

4h 50mfrom $621

Bangkok to Dubai

6h 20mfrom $608

Dubai to Cairo

3h 40mfrom $146

Bur Dubai to Dubai

10mfrom $40

Abu Dhabi to Rome

6h 10mfrom $122

Abu Dhabi to Fujairah

2h 24mfrom $200
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