A charming view from within central Uzbekistan

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Popular routes

Samarkand to Bukhara

1h 43mfrom $9

Bukhara to Samarkand

1h 43mfrom $9

Bukhara to Tashkent

6h 59mfrom $14

Tashkent to Bukhara

1h 10mfrom $14

Khiva to Bukhara

50mfrom $12

Bukhara to Khiva

6h 30mfrom $12

Khiva to Tashkent

1h 20mfrom $19

Khiva to Samarkand

10h 17mfrom $15

Samarkand to Khiva

9h 44mfrom $15

Tashkent to Fergana

4h 40mfrom $277

Kokand to Tashkent

4h 17mfrom $10

Navoiy to Tashkent

5h 13mfrom $13

Dubai to Tashkent

3h 10mfrom $270

Tashkent to Kokand

4h 16mfrom $10

Chimgan to Tashkent

1h 30mfrom $99

Tashkent to Urgench

13h 4mfrom $19

Kokand to Andijan

1h 41mfrom $8

Tashkent to Andijan

6h 17mfrom $11

Khiva to Nukus

4h 10mfrom $129

NurSultan to Tashkent

2h 5mfrom $165

Khiva to Urgench

30mfrom $8

Andijan to Samarkand

12h 5mfrom $16

Tashkent to Dubai

3h 45mfrom $386

Urgench to Tashkent

1h 20mfrom $91

Tashkent to Nukus

1h 40mfrom $20

Bukhara to Nukus

9h 1mfrom $14

Khiva to Navoiy

8h 31mfrom $14

Samarkand to Termez

9h 2mfrom $13

Almaty to Tashkent

1h 35mfrom $160

Tashkent to Navoiy

5h 4mfrom $13

Urgench to Samarkand

9h 23mfrom $15

Khiva to Istanbul

4h 15mfrom $548

Bukhara to Andijan

14h 35mfrom $19

Tashkent to Termez

1h 20mfrom $24

Nukus to Samarkand

12h 34mfrom $16

Nukus to Tashkent

1h 20mfrom $20

Astana to Tashkent

2hfrom $182

Urgench to Khiva

30mfrom $8

Guliston to Samarkand

2h 10mfrom $9

Samarkand to Urgench

8h 57mfrom $15

Samarkand to Nukus

12h 16mfrom $16

Nukus to Khiva

4h 10mfrom $129

Urgench to Bukhara

50mfrom $12

Tashkent to Chimgan

1h 30mfrom $99

Termez to Tashkent

1h 10mfrom $17

Fergana to Tashkent

4h 40mfrom $277

Termez to Samarkand

9h 27mfrom $13

Andijan to Bukhara

15h 4mfrom $18

Andijan to Tashkent

5h 55mfrom $11

Bukhara to Urgench

5h 39mfrom $12

Tashkent to Astana

55mfrom $224

Shymkent to Tashkent

6h 17mfrom $14
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