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Buon Ma Thuot

2 Passengers

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Stations in Buon Ma Thuot  

Bus station Buon Ma Thuot North
Catthienhai Travel - Buon Ma Thuot
134 Hai Ba Trung
1 Y Ngong
Phuong Trang Bus - Futabus Line
62 Y Jut
Kumho Samco Station
Buon Ma Thuot Airport (BMV)
Buon Ma Thuot - Any Hotel
Thinh Phat Buon Me Thuat station
station location

Buon Ma Thuot at a glance

High season

April - July
Place you can't miss
World Coffee Museum
Local currency
Good to know
Buon Ma Thuot is in the south-center of Vietnam, and holds many of this country’s gems. If you are a coffee lover, this is the place to go to stock up. I’m sure that after trying the coffee capital’s specialties, you’ll travel back home with a suitcase packed with beans. You can even find a coffee plantation to trek through, in order to learn about the source. To continue your trekking, there are a couple of waterfalls to visit, like the Dray Sap falls. There, you can meditate in the moment as you observe the rushing water coming from the towering rock formations.

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