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Vung Tau to Vung Tau

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2 ways to get from Vung Tau to Vung Tau

Taking a Minivan from Vung Tau to Vung TauDuration: 1h
Know before you go

There is 1 operator that run from Vung Tau to Vung Tau. If you decide to take a Minivan, you can take the Standard option.

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Taking a Private rides from Vung Tau to Vung TauDuration: 1h
Know before you go

When you arrive at Vung Tau airport, you need a ride to get you to your destination. This can be achieved by booking a private car. Cars can fit up to three passengers inside of each cabin. This vehicle is equipped with a private driver who will transport you in comfortable, air conditioned conditions.

  • Pros
    • Many vehicle options
    • 24.7 availability
    • Direct service
    • Private transfer (personal pick up and drop off)
    • Free cancellations
  • Cons
    • Pricey
    • Not environmentally friendly
    • No bathroom on board
    • Luggage limitations
Most popular rides

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Bookaway's customers prefer Standard Car 2 PAX by Hoi An Express

SUV Car 3 PAX by Hoi An Express which usually takes 1h

MINIVANHoi An Express

CARHoi An Express

6 Km (Air)

Standard Car 2 PAX by Hoi An Express starting at US$38

Departure time is up to you