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Vientiane с первого взгляда

Высокий сезон

Dec - Feb
Места, которые вы обязаны увидеть
Wat That Khao
Местная валюта
Полезная информация
As any capital city, Vientiane has many extravagances to see, ones that especially manage to summarize the past with hand-crafted antiquities. While the name of this city sounds French, it actually has a more poetic meaning in Lao language, “city of the moon”. The moonlight may be especially striking as it reflects on relics like the Pha That Luang golden pagoda, which has been standing in Vientiane since the third century. Another recommendation is to visit the recently built Buddha park, and the climbable Putuxai moment in the center of the city. The latter was constructed was a Lao version of the Parisian Arc de Triomphe.

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Top reviews

thnx for refunding
due to covid19 finally I can't visit Laos but they refund so quicly. I appreciate that

About the ride from Bangkok to Vientiane

What better way to become one with Thailand than a few nights in Bangkok? However, once you've made the most of bartering on the Khao San Road or taking in a royal residence or two in the Pathum Wan District, then a change of scenery could well be in order. Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is one such option that's guaranteed to add a little ‘ooh la la’ to your travels in Southeast Asia. From French colonial style and cuisine to beautiful monuments, such as the Pha That Luang golden pagoda, visiting Vientiane from Bangkok is as easy going as early morning coffee and freshly-made croissants. 

When traveling the 795 kilometer (494 mile) distance from Bangkok to Vientiane, you have three choices: you can take a Tourist, Economy or Express Sleeper Bus, which takes about 14 hours; you can take a train which takes about 13 hours, or you can take a 9-person chauffeur-driven minivan which takes about 10 hours.

Given the length of time you're going to be traveling from Bangkok to Vientiane – including the border crossing – a sleeper bus is going to be your best bet. Although comfort levels differ between buses, and trains, you'll still be able to make use of the onboard bathroom, selection of snacks, air conditioning and complimentary blanket.

Also, if you're traveling by sleeper bus you'll also be saving money on accommodation – what's not to like?  Whichever way you choose to travel, a French-style black coffee on arrival is always going to work wonders and wake you up ready for the day ahead.



What to see when traveling from Bangkok to Vientiane

Keeping an eye out of your bus, minivan or train window is going to achieve varying levels of visual enjoyment depending on which time you leave. Obviously, overnight sleeper buses – that leave between 4pm and 8pm – will let you look out on street scenes as you leave Bangkok and then near darkness as you head north to the border with Laos. The same with trains leaving Bangkok for Vientiane – these depart at 8pm each day. 

However, one of the best things to see when traveling from Thailand to Laos is the sunrise. There's nothing that beats being the only one watching out of the window as the first rays start to hit the earth. Often you'll be treated to a much more rural landscape than the one you witnessed the evening before. It's a great way to prepare yourself for a new country as well as making sure you're awake for the border check, just two hours out of Vientiane. 



What is the fastest way to get from Bangkok to Vientiane?

The fastest way to get to Vientiane from Bangkok is with a 9-person VIP Minivan by Glassflower. You can organize your own departure time, and the ride itself takes around 10 hours. 



What is the cheapest way to get from Bangkok to Vientiane?

The cheapest way to get to Vientiane from Bangkok is with an Express Bus run by The Transport Co. Ltd.  This costs $35 and takes around 14 hours to arrive. 



What is the most popular way to get from Bangkok to Vientiane?

The  most popular way to get to Vientiane from Bangkok is with an Economy Bus run by Khao San Tara Tour.  This costs $43 and takes around 14 hours to arrive. 



How to get from Bangkok to Vientiane

Taking a bus to Vientiane from Bangkok

Overnight sleeper buses from Bangkok to Vientiane are a rite of passage for travelers in Southeast Asia. Depending on which class of bus you take: Tourist, Economy or Express, you'll be treated to an air-conditioned experience (blankets provided) that will also include rest stops, mid-journey meal and a small selection of onboard snacks. Hey, it's not necessarily going to be the most comfortable ride – some chairs recline more than others – but it's going to get you over the border and is also going to save on the cost of overnight accommodation. The best advice is to arrive at the bus terminal at least 30 mins before departure and pack snacks, eye mask, ear plugs and neck support for the 14 hour journey. 



Bus stations that take you from Bangkok to Vientiane:

Departing from:

  • Bangkok Mochit Bus Terminal
  • Khao San Road



Arriving at:

  • Vientiane Downtown Area
  • Khua Din Bus Station



Taking a train to Vientiane from Bangkok

It's really easy to take a second class train from Bangkok to Vientiane, especially if you've booked in advance. First class seating and sleeping arrangements are also available. Sleeping berths transform from upright seats to beds within seconds and as all compartments are open and shared you'll have ample opportunity to mingle with local people making their way north from the Thai capital. As you'll be crossing the border from Thailand to Laos there will be a stop in Nong Khai before continuing by rail to Thanaleng Train station. This is where you'll switch from train to minivan before continuing the rest of the way by road to Vientiane. Trains leave at 8pm each day from Bangkok Train Station and, again, you're advised to arrive early so as to find the right platform and exchange your e-ticket for a printed alternative. 



Train stations that take you from Bangkok to Vientiane: 

Departing from:

  • Bangkok Train Station



Arriving at:

  • Thanaleng Train Station 



Taking a minivan to Vientiane from Bangkok

Minivans might be more expensive than bus or train options but they are a lot quicker and can depart whenever, and from wherever, you wish. Also, as there's enough space for 9 passengers, you can split the travel costs which actually works out to be quite affordable in the long run.  This is definitely the best option if you need to be in Vientiane as soon as possible. It also suits travelers who prefer a touch of chauffeur-driven luxury as well as a more flexible approach to when and where you leave from and arrive.

Minivan pickups in Bangkok:

  • Any hotel in Bangkok



Minivan drop-offs in Vientiane:

  • Any hotel in Vientiane



Which operators can I book with for a ride from Bangkok to Vientiane?

Bangkok to Vientiane bus operators

  • Naga Travel 
  • Khao San Tara Tour 
  • The Transport Co. Ltd.



Bangkok to Vientiane minivan operators

  • Glassflower



Bangkok to Vientiane train operators

  • Naga Travel



How many departures from Bangkok to Vientiane are there each day?

There are around 5 total buses, minivans and trains leaving from Bangkok to Vientiane each day, in addition to private transfers.