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Каково расстояние от Manila до Sagada?
Как дешевле всего добраться из Manila в Sagada?
Сколько раз в день отправляется транспорт?
Can I choose my pickup / drop-off location?
What is the luggage policy?
Can I book a ticket for the same day?
Каким транспортом чаще всего путешествуют из Manila в Sagada?
Каким транспортом быстрее всего добраться из Manila в Sagada?
Кто является перевозчиком на этом маршруте?

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Top reviews

All good
All good
36 seat night bus to Banaue
Departs from the outskirts of Manila, but taxi's appear to know the bus station. Bus left at 9.00 pm on time. Seats relatively comfortable, but could do with foot rests. Slept almost all the way, though the intensely windy road at the end of the journey did throw one about a bit. Don't forget you are going up into the cold mountains, so need warm clothes in the bus. Temperatures drop dramatically. What a marvel that driver was. Excellent value for money.
Fast Booking
Fast Booking
On time
On time
1st timer
It was a good trip. 👍 thumbs up to the driver and crew

About the ride from Manila to Sagada

Asia's 'Pearl of the Orient', Manila, can seem like just another busy metropolis but look beneath its chaotic surface, and you will find a city where the old and new blend seamlessly. Wander the cobblestone alleys of the Intramuros or Walled City, with its Spanish colonial buildings and centuries-old structures. For a bit of green, head to Rizal Park, picnic basket in hand, and end the day with a stroll down the Manila Baywalk. Watch the sun go down as you enjoy some of the best cuisines from around the world.

Sagada, in contrast, is the perfect spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Take a jeep ride to Kiltepan Peak or Marlboro Hills to view the sea of clouds that the town is famous for, or trek the Blue Soil Hills for some nature therapy. You could also spend time at the Kapay-Aw Rice Terraces and surround yourself with the peace and calm of rural Philippines. Those looking for adventure can go spelunking at the Sumaguing Cave. The region is also famous for its 'Hanging Coffins', so do take the time to visit these.

To travel the 240 mile (390 km) distance from Manila to Sagada, it takes anywhere between eight and a half hours to twelve hours, depending on the mode of transport.

Those visiting the region can choose between buses and private taxis. Bus tickets are economically priced and are a popular choice, especially amongst backpackers and budget travelers. Private taxis are more expensive but offer a lot more comfort and flexibility. This might be an important factor to consider, given the long duration of travel.

How to get from Manila to Sagada

Taking a bus

Buses are a popular way to travel this route. With ticket prices starting at $19, they are also the most cost-effective way to travel from Manila to Sagada. The buses offer night departure times and take around 12 hours to cover the distance, which means you go to sleep departing Manila and wake up refreshed in Sagada. A great way to save on hotel accommodation! You can choose from a Standard Tourist Bus and a more luxurious VIP Bus.

All of the coaches are air conditioned, and while the Standard Tourist Bus has regular, cushioned seats, the VIP Bus offers more comfortable, reclining seats with footrests. The buses make three to four stops during the journey - perfect to grab a late-night snack, take a restroom break, or simply to stretch your legs. Do note that it can get cold as the night progresses and the bus climbs into the mountain region. Though the VIP buses offer blankets, keeping a warm sweater or jacket handy is a good idea. 


Bus stations that take you from Manila to Sagada

Departing from:

  • Coda Lines Bus Terminal Monte de Piedad

Arriving at:

  • Coda Lines Sagada, Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

Hiring a private car/taxi

Travelers also have a choice of booking a private car to cover this distance. Though a more expensive option, it is an excellent choice for those who value comfort and convenience. You can choose from a standard-sized car that is good for up to three passengers or opt for a more spacious SUV that can accommodate up to 5 passengers. All of the vehicles are air-conditioned and offer hotel and airport pick up and drop off.

When you book a private taxi, you have the choice of picking your departure time and have the flexibility to make stops along the way, according to your convenience. This makes it perfect for families traveling with children and couples who don't mind paying a little extra for more legroom. It's also the right choice for those who prefer to travel during the daytime. 

How many departures from Manila to Sagada are there each day?

There are four bus departures every day from Manila to Sagada. All of the bus departures are during the evening and reach Sagada in the morning. Apart from this, you can also book a private car or SUV and travel during the day. 

Which operators can I book with for a ride from Manila to Sagada?

Manila to Sagada bus operators

  • Coda Lines


Manila to Sagada car companies

  • Anis Transport
  • 4JIY Transport Service

What is the most popular way to get from Manila to Sagada?

The Tourist Bus by Coda Lines is the most preferred choice for Bookaway customers traveling from Manila to Sagada. Ticket prices start from $19, making it a very cost-effective option to travel this route. This is a night bus and takes around 12 hours to reach Sagada. The air-conditioned bus offers comfortable, cushioned seats, makes multiple stops along the way for food, and provides restroom breaks. 

What is the fastest way to get from Manila to Sagada?

With a travel time of around eight and a half hours, the SUV car by 4J1Y Transport Services is the quickest way to get to Sagada from Manila. A seating capacity of five makes it a great option for families or those who want some privacy and extra leg space. The operator offers hotel and airport pick up at Manila and hotel drop off in Sagada. Do note that the price does NOT include toll fees. These are to be paid directly at the toll booth during travel.

What is the cheapest way to get from Manila to Sagada?

Ticket prices for the Tourist Bus by Coda Lines start at $19 making it the cheapest option to travel from Manila to Sagada. The air-conditioned bus offers night departures and has comfortable, cushioned seats. With a 12-hour night travel time, it also helps you save up on hotel accommodation. 

What to see when traveling from Manila to Sagada?

Those taking a private taxi during the day will get to see the quaint charm of the Philippines countryside. Given the long 8-hour travel time, your journey will involve a few stops to grab food or stretch your legs - the perfect time to interact with locals or enjoy the laid back pace of life in the country’s smaller towns and villages - a contrast to busy Manila. 

Once you reach the mountain district, get ready for winding roads, twists and turns, and refreshing green landscapes and views of the region's rice terraces. Roll down your windows to take in the fresh mountain breeze, tinged with the scent of pine trees.

If you are taking the bus to Sagada, be ready for some unforgettable morning scenes - you will wake up to the sun peeking over the mountains and morning fog dancing up the valleys - the perfect start to your day and adventure in Sagada.