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Ranong с первого взгляда

Высокий сезон

Jan - June
Места, которые вы обязаны увидеть
Ngao waterfall
Местная валюта
Полезная информация
Ranong is a beautiful and sleepy border town, between Thailand and Myanmar, surrounded by mountains. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised upon visiting: everything is very tidy and looked after by the locals. You'll really be able to tell how much the Ranongians care about their city. Go to the Pornrang hot springs for a day of relaxation and indulgence. This spa is a journey into a very usual Thai tradition of medicine through nature; some say hot springs are very beneficial to one's health. To enter the springs it costs 100 BHT for foreigners and 30 BHT to bring in a car. The springs open in the early morning. Best of all, you can also make a day of it all and head over to the Ngao waterfall after a good soak.

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Каково расстояние от Phuket до Ranong?
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Top reviews

Very good
The only con was that the lady at the ticketservice my booking not could find and we were about a half hour later in Ranong that was Schedule. Everything was okay the driver drived very save and we get a very spaced seat we asked for because my legs are long. It was great. .