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How to get from Ha Giang to Hanoi


  Taking a bus

  • Daytime Luxury Bus: a 6-hour journey on a very comfortable ride, this bus from Ha Giang to Hanoi is a great option if you like a little comfort - and if you don’t like the idea of travelling overnight. This option is typically popular with families and those with a little more time and money. Though this is a little more expensive than other buses, it’s still very affordable.


  • Sleeper bus: a great budget option, if you don’t mind an overnight journey. This bus to Hanoi from Ha Giang has no seats. Instead, the cabin is full of mini beds, so you can sleep while you travel! This journey takes between 6 and 7 hours. This is a very popular option with backpackers - it saves time and it’s a great bargain. 


  • VIP cabin bus: the most luxurious of the overnight bus options, this Ha Giang bus to Hanoi offers comfortable beds inside of small private cabins. Each cabin is separated from the rest of the bus by a small curtain. The journey takes between 6 and 7 hours.

Taking a minivan

  • Limo minivan: this minivan from Ha Giang to Hanoi travels during the daytime. The journey takes around 6 hours. This option is very spacious and very comfortable, and is typically popular with families and couples.


  • Luxury minivan: very similar to the limo minivan option above, but slightly more affordable. The luxury minivan to Hanoi from Ha Giang is a little less comfortable and (despite the name!) a little less luxurious than the limo minivan.


     Some buses and minivans offer blankets, TV and wifi.  You should check with each individual listing to see the specifics for each individual journey - different bus companies offer different perks.

     A small side note: none of the minivans or buses have toilets onboard. Instead, they stop for toilet breaks along the way.

     A  very small number of travellers hire private cars for the trip from Ha Giang to Hanoi. This option, though possible, is very expensive and very unnecessary. That said, we are working to bring this method to our site as soon as possible.

    Upon arriving in Hanoi, you’ll be greeted with a busy, bustling, exciting city. Hanoi is a huge contrast to Ha Giang, which is peaceful, remote and rural, with humble villages, winding roads and enchanting mountains.

     Hanoi is famously very busy and very noisy. But it’s also a hub of action, entertainment and excitement. Hanoi has everything, from some of the world’s best food, to on-street freshly-brewed beer for less than $0.30. And that’s not a typo! 

     Underneath all the chaos, Hanoi is full of friendly faces, local eateries and charming sidestreets. It’s a wonderful city in which to get lost.


What you’ll see when traveling from Ha Giang to Hanoi

     Ha Giang is home to some of the most beautiful mountains in the whole of Vietnam. If you travel by day, you’ll be treated to some jaw-dropping landscapes. The first stretch is all winding roads, mountain villages and steep descents.

     You may have already seen much of the mountainous beauty of Ha Giang while travelling in the region. But seeing it from a bus - when you don’t have to worry about balancing on a motorbike through all the ups and downs - can be a wonderfully relaxing way to say goodbye to the area.

     As the journey to Hanoi from Ha Giang continues, the roads get busier, the villages bigger and the landscapes flatter. As you approach Hanoi, small settlements eventually make way to high-rise buildings.

     Upon reaching Hanoi’s outskirts, you’ll be surprised by the madcap mayhem that is Hanoi’s roads. Hanoi has some of the craziest traffic in the world, with scooters, bicycles, pedestrians, cars and buses weaving together into an insane tapestry of commuter craziness. It shouldn’t work, but it does. Though there seems to be no system in play, the madness somehow falls into a functioning - and entertaining - pattern.

     Even for South East-Asian standards, Hanoian roads are mayhem - and the bus to Hanoi is a great way to experience them!

     One of the best things about the bus to Hanoi from Ha Giang is the contrast between the two destinations. The two places are very different to one another - but they’re both must-visit tourist spots.


What is the best time of year to visit Hanoi?

     The two best periods are from February to April and from September to November. During these periods, the weather is great - it’s not too hot, and there’s little chance of rain. From February to April, the temperatures sit at around 21C, while from September to November, they’re slightly higher, at around 25C.

     From May to August, the weather can be unbearably hot, at almost 30C. Though this might not sound too high, the humidity makes it feel much warmer. This season also brings a multitude of monsoons, which can make the city unpleasant. 

     In December and January, the high humidity makes Hanoi cold, wet, damp and grey. Average temperatures are around 17C, but they feel much lower.

     It’s not a great idea to visit during Tet. The Vietnamese New Year, Tet is a huge celebration. During this period, Hanoi grinds to halt. Most businesses and restaurants are closed, so it’s not a great time to be a tourist in Hanoi. The exact dates change each year, but they’re always sometime in January and February - so make sure you check the dates before you visit.

     Outside of the big cities, Tet isn’t so much of a problem. Smaller destinations in this period are still fairly accessible and enjoyable, though you should avoid all travel during Tet if you can.

     If you travel to Hanoi in the right season, you’ll be greeted with a busy, vibrant destination, full of craziness, kindness and some of the world’s best street food.


What is the best time of year to visit Ha Giang?

     The best time to visit Ha Giang is absolutely in the dry season, which lasts from October to April. Though there may be a small smattering of rain during this period, it’s fairly unlikely.

     From May to October, there can be lots of heavy, disruptive rain, which can make Ha Giang unpleasant, cold and dangerous. The rainy season also makes the mountain views unseeable and inaccessible... and if you can’t feast your eyes upon the incredible views, there’s little reason to go!

     From November to February, temperatures can be deceptively low, especially at night. During this period, you should pack very warm clothes, including a hat and gloves. Don’t underestimate how cold Ha Giang can feel during this period. From November to February, temperatures average around 15C. But because of the altitude, and the relatively long nights, it can feel much lower. 

     In October, March and April, rainfall is minimal and temperatures are at their highest. These are the three best months to visit. But you should still pack warm clothes! In March and April, Ha Giang is particularly special, with blossoming flowers accompanying the vibrant view of every peak and valley. 

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