Extra Luxury Coach

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О Extra Luxury Coach

Extra Luxury Coach provides tourist bus services between Dar Es Salaam and Arusha.

  • Адрес офисаCorridor Springs 208 Hotel, Ingira Road, Corridor Area
  • Телефон 1+255 754 744 300
  • Телефон 2+255 766 254 433

Классы Extra Luxury Coach

  • Туристический Автобус Туристический Автобус

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Выберите город

  • Все
  • Дар-эс-Салам
  • Аруша

Отзывы о Extra Luxury Coach

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    Misleading website
    The website states you are booking a ticket on the Dar Express, however when I arrived at the office the day before I was due to travel they had no record of the booking. After the very helpful Dar Express staff made some calls they worked out that despite the ticket having their name on, it was actually booked with a different company called ‘Extra Luxury’ coaches and they directed me to their offices instead. Once here it was simple enough to exchange my eticket for a real ticket. The bus itself was comfortable enough, and arrived in Dar es Salaam about 12 hours after leaving Arusha.

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Стоимость взрослого билета для поездки на в Аруша и обратно с отправлением из Дар-эс-Салам составляет около 24.9 $

Можете вздохнуть спокойно: у Extra Luxury Coach ЕСТЬ Wi-Fi на борту в поездках

Extra Luxury Coach работает в Аруша и Дар-эс-Салам

Офис Extra Luxury Coach расположен в Corridor Springs 208 Hotel, Ingira Road, Corridor Area

У Extra Luxury Coach есть туалеты на борту!

У Extra Luxury Coach нет электронных билетов, поэтому ваши билеты необходимо распечатать

Телефон: +255 754 744 300