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О Ohayami Trans

Компания Ohayami Trans занимается перевозками уже почти 18 лет, предоставляя туристам удобный способ добраться до Банауэ и других мест на Филиппинах.

  • Адрес офисаohayami trans Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila
  • Телефон 1+63 (0)9276493055
  • Телефон 2+63 (0)2-5160501
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Классы Ohayami Trans

  • Стандартный Автобус Стандартный Автобус

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Выберите город

  • Все
  • Манила
  • Банау
  • Лагаве
  • Багайо

Отзывы о Ohayami Trans

  • S
    Departure/ Arrival: False informations on bookaway
    We booked via bookaway the bus with departure at 05:30 pm with estimate arrival at 00:30 am (+1). But the bus ride started at 06:00 pm and we arrived at 03:20 am (+1). Don’t know why.. Anyway we had a safe ride and the drivers were friendly. Due to the air con it’s very cold in the bus. My advice: wear a hat and bring a blanket! Or two blankets or a snowsuit..
  • S
    Excellent service with seat assignments. You still need to check in with an agent at the bus terminal.
  • S
    Very uncomfortable journey
    The seats are very close together and there was nearly no space for our legs, especially as some device was underneath the seats in front of us. My partner is nearly 1,90m and he could not sit straight in the seat, as his legs were to long, he had to sit crouched together trying to have his legs in the aisle, where people were going forth and back all the time. Moreover, the aircon was on highest level, we were freezing even though we had 2-3 layers of clothing.

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Стоимость взрослого билета для поездки на в Банау и обратно с отправлением из Манила составляет около 13.67 $

Можете вздохнуть спокойно: у Ohayami Trans ЕСТЬ Wi-Fi на борту в поездках

Ohayami Trans работает в Банау, Манила, Лагаве и Багайо

Офис Ohayami Trans расположен в ohayami trans Sampaloc, Manila, 1008 Metro Manila

Ohayami Trans do not have toilets on board.

У Ohayami Trans нет электронных билетов, поэтому ваши билеты необходимо распечатать

Телефон: +63 (0)9276493055