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The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Amtrak, is a corporation striving to deliver a high quality, safe, on-time rail passenger service that exceeds customer expectations. Train services run from many major US cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago.

Official address: 1 Mass Ave, Suite 570

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Your questions, Our answers

How much does a train ride cost from Boston to Philadelphia?

The cost of a train ride for a roundtrip adult ticket to Philadelphia leaving from Boston is around $190.38

Do Amtrak have toilets on board?

Amtrak do have toilets on board!

Is there Wi-Fi on Amtrak?

Most of the Amtrak rides have Wi-Fi on board. We recommend reaching out directly to Amtrak to find out if your ride is one of those rides.

Do I need to print my ticket or does Amtrak offer e-tickets?

Amtrak has e-tickets so you don’t need to print your tickets.

Which cities does Amtrak operate in?

Amtrak operates in Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Orlando, New York, Fort Lauderdale, San Diego, Los Angeles, Chicago, Milwaukee, Tampa, Seattle, Vancouver, Newark, Rochester, Niagara Falls, Wilmington, Dallas, San Antonio, Winter Haven, Burbank, Bellingham, Oxnard, Fullerton, Albany, San Jose, California, Detroit, New Haven, Oakland, Niagara Falls, Jacksonville, Syracuse, Altoona, Portland, West Palm Beach, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Charlottesville, Pittsburgh, Tucson, Yuma, Lakeland, Cleveland, Toledo, Atlanta, Utica, Columbia, Flagstaff, Sacramento, Erie, Winslow, Washington DC, Ann Arbor, Johnstown, and Latrobe

Where is the Amtrak office?

Amtrak’s office is located at 1 Mass Ave, Suite 570