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Hoang Long is the biggest transportation supplier in the northern Vietnam and provides many routes from North to South.

Official address: Số 05 Phạm Ngũ Lão - P.Lương Khánh Thiện - Q.Ngô Quyền - TP.

Phone 1: 0225 3920920

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Your Guide to Seamless Travel with Hoang Long

Language and communication

Both the counter staff and drivers are trained to assist passengers effectively. The counter staff are proficient in English to facilitate clear communication. However, the drivers do not speak English.

Finding your ride

  • General pickup information: Travelers can identify their ride or driver as the driver will be wearing a company uniform, and the vehicle will be branded with the company's colors or name. Additionally, travelers can go to the company counter or ticket office if available. For airport or terminal pickups, specific details on the arrival hall and gate number can be obtained directly for precise meeting points.
  • Pickup delay: For shared airport pickups, if the flight is delayed, passengers are allowed to board the next bus or minivan without any additional fee, provided there are seats available. For private airport pickups, details regarding the waiting time and potential fees for flight delays were not provided.

Baggage and special items

Bicycles can be brought on board at no additional cost, provided they fit within the bus's storage limits on the departure date.

Booking and Amendments

  • Name Changes: Name changes on tickets are permitted after booking approval. These modifications can be done up to **4 hours** before the departure time without any fee.
  • E-Tickets: Passengers are not required to print their tickets or confirmation emails.

Onboard Policies

Passengers are allowed to eat and drink on board.

Pet policies

pets are not allowed.

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Your questions, Our answers

How much does a bus-ferry ride cost from Cat Ba Island to Hanoi?

The cost of a bus-ferry ride for a roundtrip adult ticket to Hanoi leaving from Cat Ba Island is around $11.06

Do Hoang Long have toilets on board?

Hoang Long do have toilets on board!

Is there Wi-Fi on Hoang Long?

Most of the Hoang Long rides have Wi-Fi on board. We recommend reaching out directly to Hoang Long to find out if your ride is one of those rides.

Do I need to print my ticket or does Hoang Long offer e-tickets?

Hoang Long has e-tickets so you don’t need to print your tickets.

Which cities does Hoang Long operate in?

Hoang Long operates in Cat Ba Island, Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), and Hue

What is Hoang Long’s contact information?

Phone: 0225 3920920

Where is the Hoang Long office?

Hoang Long’s office is located at Số 05 Phạm Ngũ Lão - P.Lương Khánh Thiện - Q.Ngô Quyền - TP.