Virak Buntham Express

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关于Virak Buntham Express

Virak Buntham Express Tour & Travel 成立于 2004 年,是柬埔寨发展最快的客运巴士公司。该公司有柬埔寨境内、柬埔寨至越南和柬埔寨至泰国各目的地的豪华车队。因其安全度和舒适度的高标准,该公司在国际旅客间享有很高的声誉。

  • 办公室地址Virak Buntham Bus Stop Preah Moha Ksatreiyani Kossamak Ave (106)
  • 电话1016 786 270
  • 电话2098 628 448
  • 网站

Virak Buntham Express等级

  • 标准 小型货车 标准 小型货车
  • 睡眠 巴士 睡眠 巴士
  • 游客 巴士 游客 巴士
  • 经济 巴士 经济 巴士
  • 标准 巴士 标准 巴士

Virak Buntham Express最受欢迎的路线

Virak Buntham Express最受欢迎的车站


  • 全部
  • 金边
  • 戈公(Krong Khemara Phoumin)
  • 贡布
  • 西哈努克城
  • 曼谷
  • 暹粒市
  • 胡志明(西贡)
  • 马德望
  • Oddar Meanchey
  • Poi Pet
  • O Smach
  • Pailin
  • Suong
  • 蒙杜基里
  • Phsar Prum
  • ung丁
  • 拉塔纳基里
  • Kratie
  • Chlong
  • 磅湛

Virak Buntham Express评价

  • N
    We arrived 1 hour earlier
    We arrived 1 hour earlier though left about 15 later..
  • G
    Decent trip
    My partner and I booked the overnight sleeping bus and we had a good experience. Firstly, helped us quickly and efficiently when we had an issue with our booking. Their service is great. The bus was comfortable, although very cold due to the aircon above our head. I've heard all sleeping buses have this so we were prepared. I felt safe due to the bus driver and co drivers being active throughout the night. We arrived earlier than we were suppose to, which gave us peace of mind. Overall, it was a good experience with no problems.
  • È
    The bus was fine, but
    The bus was fine, but if you're a woman traveling alone maybe its better to buy two sleeping tickets because you must to share the "bed" with another person.


成人从金边出发至戈公(Krong Khemara Phoumin)的往返车票约为$120

Virak Buntham Express上没有Wi-Fi。

Virak Buntham Express在以下城市运营:戈公(Krong Khemara Phoumin), 金边, 贡布, 曼谷, 西哈努克城, 胡志明(西贡), 暹粒市, 马德望, Oddar Meanchey, Poi Pet, O Smach, Pailin, Suong, 蒙杜基里, Phsar Prum, ung丁, 拉塔纳基里, Kratie, Chlong 和 磅湛

Virak Buntham Express办公室位于Virak Buntham Bus Stop Preah Moha Ksatreiyani Kossamak Ave (106)

Virak Buntham Express上没有厕所!

Virak Buntham Express没有电子票,所以您需要将票券打印出来。

电话:016 786 270