Greece’s Nude Beaches: Where Tanlines Vanish

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Don’t knock nude bathing until you’ve tried it! Read all about the best of Greece’s nude beaches and clothing-optional coastlines.

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Did you know that nude beaches are everywhere in Greece—including the islands? Yep, you can hang out with your buns out across the land, and no one will bat an eyelid. 

Nude beaches (also known as clothing-optional spots) are spaces where it’s A-ok to be naked. You don’t have to take your clothes off to enter, but you can’t be shocked if you spot some bottoms, and then some. It’s not for everyone, but it can be super freeing. 

Do you desire turquoise waters and golden sands without the hindrance of a swimsuit? Keep on reading. You’ll know the 22 coastlines to visit on your Mediterranean vacation ASAP. 

22 Best Nude Beaches in Greece 

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Fun fact, there are over 50 clothing-option seafronts in the country. Au natural? Oh yes.

Here are the best nude beaches Greece has to offer. 


Nude beach in Crete, Greece

Red Sand Beach, Crete

You’ll find Red Sand Beach 70 km from Crete’s capital Heraklion. This location is known for its spectacular waves and its relaxed hippy history. Expect to see glistening waters, reddish sand, and nude bathers. 

You must hike for 30 minutes from Matala to get to the seafront. But on arrival, you can chill out and even grab a bite to eat at a coastal canteen. Crete nude beaches never disappoint. 

Pro tip: This is sometimes referred to as Matala Beach.

Agiofarago Beach, Crete

Located at the foot of the incredible Agiofarago Gorge, this nude beach in Crete offers impressive rocky views. 

This coastline isn’t for the faint of heart, as you’ll need to traverse the gorge to get there. It’s also a pebble shore with no infrastructure or amenities around. However, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to sunbathe without a crowd.

Preveli Beach, Crete

One of the island’s most well-known nudist hotspots, Preveli Beach, offers white sands and blue skies. You can laze about while admiring a palm forest and gorgeous mountain views. 

While this is a more popular nude area, it’s still relatively quiet (for now). Meaning you can get your kit off without mass tourism at your side. A Crete nude beach to remember—but not to share.

Plakias Beach, Crete

Located on Crete’s southern coastline, Plakias Beach is perfect for anyone who wants to admire teal waters while working on an even tan. 

This seafront is also an impressive 1.3 km long, ensuring you can strip off without other visitors in your personal space. Perfect for no-clothing beach first-timers.

Voulisma Beach, Crete

Staying on the eastern side of Crete? Voulisma Beach is a nudity-friendly stretch near the quaint town of Istro. 

Voulisma is in a sheltered bay, home to calm, shallow waters and golden sand. Whether you want to spend hours reading or paddling in the nuddy, you’ll love this Greek oasis. 

Seitan Limania Beach, Crete

For anyone in the mood to unwind amongst jagged white cliffs and dramatic mountain views, Seitan Limania Beach is the clothing-optional Crete coastline for you. 

The name Seitan Limania derives from Satan’s Harbor in early Turkish and refers to the rougher current. 

Not the best place for new swimmers, but great if you want to free your melons in the Greek sun.

Sweet Water Beach, Crete

If “manners maketh man,” great views and nudity maketh a beach. 

Sweet Water Beach is often deemed one of the best seaside spots in Crete, thanks to its stark white pebbles, striking cliffs, and crystal blue seas. However, you must hike down the cliffs to reach the cove by foot—not recommended if you’re an inexperienced hiker. 

Alternatively, boat service to this hidden cove is available from Loutro or Sfakia. These operate daily from April to September, costing 5 euros for a one-way journey. Yes, it costs to undress. But the end view is worth it. 


Plaka Beach in Naxos Greece a nude beach

Plaka, Naxos

Known as the best beach in Naxos, Plaka is a must-visit regardless of your thoughts on nude bathing. You’ll find green-tinted waters, sand dunes, and an unspoiled coastline here. This raw beauty beats clothing-optional resorts every time. 

Plaka also has a few sunbeds and straw umbrellas, so turn up early to claim your seat. And remember to bring your own towel if you’re going commando. 

Agios Prokopios Beach, Naxos

Naxos Town (AKA Chora) is a hub for great hotels, restaurants, and tourist amenities. So, if you’re staying here, take your trip to the next level with an excursion to the nearby Agios Prokopios Beach—a clothes-free beach with sweeping views.

Fun fact: Agios Prokopios was voted the third-best Greek coastline.

Aliko Beach, Naxos

Naxos is home to many jaw-dropping shores, but if you’re looking for a truly unspoiled seafront experience and nudity in Greece, it has to be Aliko Beach. 

A cedar forest protects this coastline and offers white sands as far as the eye can see. But be careful when walking (or nude bathing) as some small pebbles and rocks are in the sand. Best to keep rocks away from where the sun doesn’t shine. 


Glyfada Beach, Corfu a nude beach in Greece

Mirtiotissa, Corfu

When in Corfu, Mirtiotissa is a go-to cove for secluded bathing. Ideal if you’re curious about a bikini-free experience but blush at the thought of spectators. 

Mirtiotissa has been a nude-friendly spot since the 60s and remains a respected clothing-free area today. It’s also not commercial yet. Perfect for an authentic experience, but you should pack a lunch and some snacks as there are no restaurants.

Glyfada Beach, Corfu

Desperate to feel fine sand against your bare booty? Glyfada’s golden sands are waiting for you. 

On Corfu’s west coast, Glyfada has low dunes, sandy shores, and relaxing waves. This stretch often attracts a younger crowd and can be busy. Not the most isolated of the nude beaches in Greece, but great if you want a lively atmosphere. 

Issos Beach, Corfu

Situated next to Corfu’s wetlands and Lake Korrison, Issos Beach is a glittering paradise. 

There is a lifeguard here in the summer months. Excellent for a swim workout with your bits out. Safety first, especially in the nude!

Halikounas Beach, Corfu

Also near Lake Korrison, Halikounas Beach separates the lake from the sea—making for stunning views. 

This bay has gorgeous yellow sands. But there is some shingle on this 3 km coastline. Bring a towel to keep your bottom comfy.


pair of swim trunks and flip flops on a nude beach in Greece

Paraga, Mykonos

Paraga is one of the most famous shores in Mykonos, but it’s also one of the many Mykonos nude beaches. Uh-huh, this is a verified nudist hangout.

But don’t strip off anywhere on Paraga. The central part of the seafront is informally reserved for families, and the right side of the beach is the nude area.

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

With warm waters, picturesque sands, and dreamy views, it’s clear why Paradise Beach is named so.

This spot is one of the more party-orientated nude beaches in Mykonos. Perfect for close proximity to bars and nightlife, but not ideal for silent sunbathing. 

Elia Beach, Mykonos

Go bigger and better with Elia Beach, the largest beach on the island. 

Here you can strip off and enjoy Greece without restrictions. This spot has umbrellas and sun loungers to ensure you’re extra comfortable. 

If you want to visit a nude beach in Mykonos, this is one to consider.


Tsambika Beach a nude beach in Rhodes, Greece

Tsambika Beach, Rhodes

For great nude beaches, Rhodes should be on your summer itinerary.

Start your journey with Tsambika Beach. A wide sandy stretch with lots of space for nude sunbathing without being in your neighbor’s face. And there’s a gorgeous view of the ancient Monastery of Tsambika to complete your holiday snaps.

Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes

Fjords? In Rhodes? It’s more likely than you think. Kinda. 

Anthony Quinn Bay is a fjord-like bay with pockets of soft sand, protection from harsh eaves, and pine trees. Oh, and you can get naked while enjoying it. Nice!

Faliraki, Rhodes

Some nude coastlines are quiet about their clothing-free status. However, Faliraki announces its nudity-positive policy with an official sign.

But beware. This area is known to be a Brit abroad favorite. Avoid it if you want a quiet afternoon of nude sunbathing. 


Perissa Beach, Santorini, a nude beach

Perissa Beach, Santorini

Do you imagine your vacation with palm trees, whitewashed buildings, and turquoise waves? Head to Perissa Beach to make these dreams come true. 

These aren’t the only reasons you should visit Perissa, though. It’s one of the best nude beaches in Santorini and also a black sand beach due to its volcanic geography. 

Red Beach, Santorini

Similarly to the above location, Red Beach is a product of volcanic eruptions. Except, this coastline isn’t black—it’s red. 

Just make sure you use extra SPF while on this nude-friendly beach, or you’ll leave looking the same as the sand. 

13 More Greek Nude Beaches

Clothing Optional sign on nude beach in Greece

With a coastline measuring 13,676 km (8,498 miles), it would be impossible to fit all of Greece’s clothing-optional beaches into one article.

However, here are some more Greek island nude beaches:

  • Agios Loannis (Ai Giannis), Gavdos
  • Tsamadou, Samos
  • Chiliadou, Evoia
  • Kedros, Donousa
  • Livadia, Donousa
  • Gypsoi Afiarti, Karpathos
  • Kamina, Kefalonia
  • Skala Eressos, Lesbos
  • Chalikiada, Agistri
  • Little Banana, Skiathos
  • Velanio, Skopelos
  • Tzanaki, Astypalea
  • Camping Beach, Antiparos

From enjoying the Skiathos skies with the breeze on your bum to exploring Kefalonia sans your bikini top, make a note of these beaches and plan your island hopping tour around them. 

But which is the best nude beach in Greece? Well, that’s for you to decide. Go forth, be at one with nature, and explore the coastline as Adam and Eve did. 

Etiquette for Nude Greek Beaches

woman dropping her bikini in the sand

Before you head to the naturist beaches in Greece, take a moment to brush up on your etiquette. Nudity brings out the childish side in some of us, but it’s best to avoid the giggles at these coves. After all, we all have human bodies.

  • Double-check local rules. Some coastlines might not permit full nudity in the car park, and some might only allow toplessness.
  • Don’t stare. This is the most critical nude bathing rule. No gawking, ogling, or making others uncomfortable.
  • Carry a towel. It makes some people more comfortable (especially newbies), and it’s appreciated if you plan to sit on shared sunbeds.
  • Ditch the camera. People are vulnerable here and haven’t consented to pictures even if they’re in the distance of your scenery pic. 
  • Leave a sensible distance. Don’t encroach on anyone else’s space unless invited to. 
  • Don’t push the boundaries. It’s a nude beach, not a bedroom. Any sexual or lewd behavior is a massive no. 

Map of Greece’s Nude Beaches

Before you set off on your clothing-optional island hop, have a look at this map. Getting to the Greek Islands takes some planning; don’t get caught with your, erm, pants down. We’re here to help.

How to Get to the Best Nude Beaches in Greece

Warning sign for nude sunbathers

Topless beaches in Greece can be found on the mainland and the many islands. Here are some main routes clothing-free travelers use from Athens—Greece’s main entry point. 

Athens to Naxos

Traveling from Athens to Naxos takes anywhere from 3.5 hours to 5 hours, depending on your choice of ferry. Ferries depart from Athens’ Piraeus Port and arrive at Naxos Port. 

Athens to Santorini

Prefer flying over sea travel? Athens to Santorini is the route for you. This journey takes approximately 55 minutes by air. Simple and time-saving.

Athens to Mykonos

Another in-demand route, Athens to Mykonos, is fast and efficient. This flight takes 50 minutes and departs on average three times per day. You’ll be sunning every inch of your body in no time. 

Weather in Greece

Greek flag over a nude beach

The weather in Greece changes throughout the year. However, you can expect warm summer days thanks to its Mediterranean climate.

In the summer, the southern lowlands and island regions experience hot and dry summers (29°C/85°F). The winters here are wet and mild (10°C/50°F).

If you’re headed to the central or northern region, you’ll still experience hot summers (30°C/86°F). But winters here can be extremely cold, and the mountain regions even experience snow. If you want to be naked in Greece, we recommend waiting until the summer.

Pro tip: When in doubt, check past averages for guidance.

Packing List for Going Au Natural in Greece

Paraga beach wooden beach beds in Mykonos

Before you rush to the coast, remember these essentials for nude beaches in Greece. 

  • SPF Sunscreen
  • Towels
  • Water bottle 
  • Sun-protective hat
  • Cover-up clothes
  • Flip-flops/sliders
  • Bathing suit (optional, of course)

Final Thoughts on Greece’s Nude Beaches

shadow of a bikini on the beach

Whether you daydream of exploring the Greek islands nude or want to try something new this summer, visiting a clothing-optional beach could be your next adventure. Just remember the nudist etiquette and arrive prepared for a freeing experience. 

Ready to start planning? Explore Bookaway’s Greece routes before you bare it all.


Are nudist beaches legal in Greece?

Yes. However, you may only strip off on officially recognized nudist beaches or within designated nudist areas. Research your location before you free the nipple.

Does Athens have a nude beach?

The closest nude beach to Athens is Limanakia Beach, 25 km/15 miles away. There are no nude beaches in the city center, but you can organize a day trip to one or visit the many nude beaches on the Greek islands.

Is it rude to stare at a nudist beach?

Yes, don’t stare or gawk at other sunbathers. A quick look is okay—it’s only natural. But don’t start ogling everyone on the sand. Bathing in the buff is vulnerable, so treat everyone with respect. 

Do I need a cover-up for a nudist beach?

Yes and no. You can be as free as you like in the designated nudist area. But a cover-up is necessary when you leave or if you want to quickly grab a bite to eat. Plan ahead!

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