The 5 most spiritual places in Thailand

Spirituality is naturally a very subjective thing to each individual. However, it can be said that Thailand is renowned for being one of the most spiritual places in Southeast Asia.

With an abundance of remarkable temples, numerous religions and spiritual beliefs, as well as many sacred and holy sites to behold, Thailand is an absolute mecca for all things spiritual.

If you’re currently planning a trip to this wonderful country, check out some of the most spiritual places in Thailand below.


Kanchanaburi is one of the most spiritual places in Thailand for numerous reasons. It’s home to the infamous Death Railway and the River Kwai Bridge which was built by the Japanese Empire during World War II to supply troops with weapons during the war.

It’s estimated between 180,000 and 250,000 prisoners of war died during the construction of the railway due to horrific working conditions and punishments. It’s clear to see therefore, that the railway is now a place of spirituality for locals and tourists who wish to pay their respects to the dead.

One place you can do this is at the Tham Krasae Cave which is home to an enshrined Buddha statue where many locals come to pray and pay their respects.

Kanchanaburi resides in the west of Thailand and can be reached relatively easily by a 3-hour minivan from Bangkok or a 12-hour overnight bus ride from Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand.

Chiang Mai

There are over 24 Buddhist temples in Chiang Mai city itself, with countless others decorating the landscape surrounding the city.

Chiang Mai

One of the most famous and arguably most spiritual sites in and around Chiang Mai sits atop Doi Inthanon mountain in the Doi Suthep-Doi Pui National Park. Here you’ll find the temple of Phra Mahathat Naphamethanidon; a site dedicated to the celebration of the 60th birthday of the late king.

Both locals and visitors find this place incredibly beautiful and spiritual as its natural setting inside the national park lends itself to a truly picturesque and tranquil place.

Chiang Mai is known as Thailand’s northern capital city and it has many transport links to various other cities in Thailand. One of the most popular routes is to and from Bangkok which can be accessed via an overnight VIP bus with Thai Sriram


There are so many temples and religious sites in Bangkok that no one really knows the exact number; however, it’s estimated that there are thousands of Buddhist temples in the city of Bangkok, perhaps nearly as many as 40,000!

One of the most spiritual sites in the city, and in fact the whole of Thailand, is the Wat Pho Buddhist temple. This remarkably religious site is home to numerous spiritual structures and statues; most notably the aptly named ‘Temple of the Reclining Buddha’.

Wat Pho Buddhist Temple

Inside this temple you’ll find a 46-meter long giant reclining Buddha statue that dates all the way back to 1848. It’s an incredibly important and religious site for locals and travelers from afar who frequent the temple to pray, meditate and make donations. 

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok has dozens of transport links to nearly all major cities in the country. You can easily get to and from the popular tourist town of Krabi to Bangkok on an overnight bus with companies such as Lignite Tour or via VIP bus with Thai Sriram.

Bangkok also has transport links with Chumphon (6 and a half hours), Pattaya (2 and a half hours) and Phuket (14 hours), just to name a few.


Krabi is renowned for being home to one of the most spiritual sites in the whole of Thailand; Wat Tham Suea, also known as the Tiger Cave Temple.

This sacred site sits atop a mountain with 1,260 steps to reach the summit. Once there, you’ll be greeted by a giant golden Buddha statue that sits imposingly at the 2,000-foot peak. At the site, there are also tiger paw prints in the cave which are thought to belong to the tiger that once apparently resided there.

This wondrous spiritual site is no easy feat to gain access to, but if you can brave the substantial and steep ascend, you’re sure to be transfixed by what you find at the top.

There are plenty of ferry and minivan options to and from Krabi and Phuket; with a Sri Trang Tour Bus taking only 3 hours, whereas a standard ferry with Phi Phi Cruiser can take anywhere between 8 and 9 hours.


Ayutthaya is home to countless ancient ruins and religious sites so it’s an incredibly spiritual place for both local believers and tourists to visit.

At the epicenter of the city, you’ll find the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ayutthaya Historical Park which is home to four main sacred temples. There’s also the Royal Palace and Royal Chapel to be discovered here, also known as Wat Phra Si Sanphet.

As the city is positively teeming with ancient historic ruins, statues, sculptures and temples, it’s safe to say that Ayutthaya is a place that you need to visit in Thailand if you’re looking to seek out the top spiritual places.

Ayutthaya is situated just over 1 hour’s drive north of Bangkok and you can hop on a VIP minivan with Thai Happy Taxi to take you the short distance. 

There’s not an awful lot of transport links between Ayutthaya and many other cities in Thailand as it’s a relatively small city, but if you want to head north in the country, Thai Railway offers train journeys to Chiang Mai multiple times a day. These journeys can often last up to 13 hours however, so if you’re looking to get there much quicker, opt for the faster VIP bus with Thai Sriram.

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