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Über Champa Mekong Express

Champa Mekong Express Bus ist ein Busunternehmen, das sich auf lokale und grenzüberschreitende Strecken in die Nachbarländer spezialisiert hat.

Champa Mekong Express-Klassen

  • Standard Minivan Standard Minivan

Champa Mekong Expresss beliebteste Strecken

Champa Mekong Expresss beliebteste Bahnhöfe

Wählen Sie eine Stadt

  • Alle
  • Kep
  • Sihanoukville
  • Ha Tien
  • Koh Rong Samloem
  • Koh Rong
  • Ratanakiri
  • Chau Doc
  • Phnom Penh
  • Mondulkiri
  • Kratie
  • Insel Phu Quoc
  • Kampot
  • Siem Reap
  • Can Tho
  • Trat
  • Koh Kong (Krong Khemara Phoumin)
  • Kampong Chhnang
  • Kampong Cham
  • Battambang
  • Poi Pet
  • Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt (Saigon)
  • Kanincheninsel
  • Rach Gia
  • Mein Tho
  • Pursat
  • Langer Xuyen

Champa Mekong Express-Bewertungen

  • M
    Horrible ! Un cauchemard
    Absolument rien n'a été, plus de 2h de retard, 4 changements de bus, on ne savait jamais ce qu'il se passait, bus horrible,...
  • M
    Where's the aircon?
    No real problems except the pitifully weak air con. We all spent the whole drive sitting in puddles of sweat as none of the windows open either.
  • S
    You get what you paid for it
    My boyfriend and I decided to try this service out. Flying was going to take as much time so we decided to be adventurous and save a few bucks. We arrived at our destination safely, but there were a few issues. First, the girl who assisted us at the tour office was great. I just wish she had explained the bus number was the license plate number. Keep this in mind if you book this! We missed it. Another item to note is that nobody assists you through border crossing. We pretty much followed the crowd and made it through (we traveled from Ha Tien to Phnom Penh). Once past the border, we had a difficult time finding the bus because we weren't looking at license plates, we looked for bus numbers as they called them. Next item was a stop we made in Kampot. We were not informed about this stop. Even looking at the ticket and information it said from Ha Tien to Phnom Penh, no stop in between. That said, I would have made this a 3 star review, but put a 2 because the driver picked up what seemed to be a local, then stopped for her 3 or 4 times to transfer goods or something? It added an additional 20 minutes to our travels. The bus was completely packed. It did have AC, but didn't do so great with a fully loaded bus. One time we almost hit someone, but that's kind of normal with driving in Cambodia. We were supposed to get to Phnom Penh at 17:30 PM, but got in at 19:45. I'm glad we tried this out but wouldn't do it again.
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Die Kosten für eine -Fahrt für eine Hin- und Rückfahrt für Erwachsene nach Sihanoukville ab Kep liegen bei etwa 120 USD

Champa Mekong Express hat bei seinen Fahrten leider kein Wi-Fi an Bord.

Champa Mekong Express ist in Sihanoukville, Kep, Koh Rong Samloem, Ha Tien, Koh Rong, Ratanakiri, Phnom Penh, Chau Doc, Mondulkiri, Kratie, Insel Phu Quoc, Kampot, Siem Reap, Can Tho, Trat, Koh Kong (Krong Khemara Phoumin), Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Cham, Battambang, Poi Pet, Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt (Saigon), Kanincheninsel, Rach Gia, Mein Tho, Pursat und Langer Xuyen aktiv

Das Büro von Champa Mekong Express befindet sich in Oknha Hing Penn St. (61), , Cambodia

Champa Mekong Express do not have toilets on board.

Champa Mekong Express bietet keine E-Tickets an, so dass Sie Ihre Fahrkarten ausdrucken müssen

Telefon: +84 868 377 233