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Piazza XX Settembre, 40121 Bologna, Italylogo
Piazza XX Settembre 6, 40126, Bologna, Italylogo
Piazza XX Settembre, 6, Bologna, Italylogo
Piazza XX Settembre, 6, Bologna, Italylogo
Via del Triumvirato 84, 40132,Bologna ,ITALYlogo
Piazza XX Settembre, 6 40126logo
Piazza XX Settembre 6, 40121,Bologna ,ITALYlogo
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Numerous Italian cities and towns offer public wi-fi hotspots, including Rome, Bologna and Venice. To use them, you will need to register online using a credit card or an Italian mobile number. An easier option (no need for a local mobile number) is to head to a cafe or bar offering free wi-fi. Most hotels, B&Bs, hostels and agriturismi (farm stays) offer free wi-fi to guests, though signal quality can vary. There will sometimes be a computer for guest use.



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