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Hay 2 rutas para ir desde Banaue a Manila

En un Autob√ļs desde Banaue hasta ManilaDuraci√≥n: 10h 30min
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Hay 2 operadores que van desde Banaue a Manila,, con 4 salidas por d√≠a. Si decir tomar una Autob√ļs, podr√° seleccioanr las opciones VIP.

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En un Minivan desde Banaue hasta ManilaDuración: 10h
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Hay 1 operadores que van desde Banaue a Manila,. Si decir tomar una Minivan, podr√° seleccioanr las opciones Est√°ndar.

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About the ride from Banaue to Manila

Journeying from Banaue to Manila is a logical choice for travelers wanting to leave behind the Philippines' charming rice terraces in search of experiences a little more cosmopolitan. 

One of the most densely-populated cities in the world, that’s exactly what Manila offers, making it a very logical (and very contrasting) option for travelers seeking their next stop after beautiful Banaue.

Manila has a slightly unfair reputation among a small pocket of cynical travelers. Yes, it’s busy. Yes, it’s teeming with traffic. And yes, it’s polluted and overpopulated. But look even slightly beyond that and it’s easy to find a city brimming with charm and allure.

While the UNESCO-listed site of Banaue offers carved rice terraces steeped in history and heritage, Manila exhibits a very different slice of Filipino life. Developing at a pace unmatched by most cities across the world, it’s packed with towering skyscrapers, charming bars and award-winning restaurants. 

Vastly underrated as a tourist destination, you’ll be surprised by just how cool Manila really is. It offers incredible food and drink, lots of kooky bohemian hangouts and a vibrant music scene.

You might be expecting a Manila full of little but smog and grime, but you won’t find one. It’s one of the most exciting cities in Southeast Asia - and traveling directly from Banaue to Manila is a great way to experience it, offering a journey which highlights just how far the Philippines has come in recent years.

The trip from Banaue to Manila is also pretty unusual - in a nation where most popular tourist journeys take place over water, this is a lengthy trip serviced by roads. One of the nation’s most popular long-distance bus routes, lots of travelers journey from Banaue to Manila every day.

For the approximately 390 km (242 mile) journey to Manila from Banaue, you have two options:

  • Bus from Banaue to Manila - typically around 9 hours
  • Minivan from Banaue to Manila - typically around 10 hours


What to see when traveling from Banaue to Manila

This depends upon when you travel! 

If you take a night bus from Banaue to Manila, you’ll (of course) be traveling during the night, so you won’t see much except the insides of your own eyelids. 

If you instead travel during daylight hours from Banaue to Manila, it’s a lengthy but attractive trip with lots of fantastic panoramas. 

The first stretch of your journey from Banaue to Manila is by far the most scenic section, and it’s rife with stunning views. Winding roads carry you through rice fields, misty mountains and cliffside passes as you weave your way towards civilization.

During the middle part of your journey, you’ll pass small towns, distant foothills and humble on-street food carts.

The final stretch of the journey from Banaue to Manila is along a well-maintained highway, which carries you all the way to the bustling metropolis of the nation’s capital city. Once you hit endless traffic and sky-high buildings, you’ll know you’re reaching Manila.


How to get from Banaue to Manila

Taking a bus

Taking a bus from Banaue to Manila is the best option for anyone keen to save money, as it’s the only budget-friendly choice. It allows you to travel cheaply and relatively comfortably - and because it’s an overnight journey, you save money on accommodation while you make your way towards Manila.

Though the bus from Banaue to Manila is pretty basic, it offers WiFi and AC. A word of warning: this AC can often be very cold, so make sure you wear reasonably warm clothes.

Buses from Banaue to Manila don't have toilets on board. Instead, they stop for toilet breaks along the way.


Taking a minivan

Riding in a minivan from Banaue to Manila is a great option if you like comfort, convenience and freedom. Firstly, you can choose your own departure time, departure point and arrival point, leaving you with lots of flexibility.

Because you’re able choose your own departure time, you can travel during the day, so you can enjoy all of the views along the route.

If you hire a minivan from Banaue to Manila, you don’t pay for an individual ticket for an individual seat. Instead, you hire the entire vehicle and split the cost between your traveling party. A minivan to Manila from Banaue can seat up to 6 passengers.

Minivans are much more luxurious than the buses which run the same route, and offer food, drinks, comfortable seats, charging points and an English-speaking driver.

Rese√Īas del viaje desde Banaue hasta Manila

  • R
    36 seat night bus to Banaue
    Departs from the outskirts of Manila, but taxi's appear to know the bus station. Bus left at 9.00 pm on time. Seats relatively comfortable, but could do with foot rests. Slept almost all the way, though the intensely windy road at the end of the journey did throw one about a bit. Don't forget you are going up into the cold mountains, so need warm clothes in the bus. Temperatures drop dramatically. What a marvel that driver was. Excellent value for money.
  • M
    Fast Booking
    Fast Booking
  • A
    On time
    On time
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