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bus depuis phuket vers bangkok

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Exceptional buses depart from Phuket to Bangkok. Departure times occur throughout the day. The cabins are updated and provide many amenities for the long journey, like air conditioning, reclining seats, and bathrooms on board. Most of the time, only snacks and water are provided on board, so plan ahead if you get hungry easily.

  • Free cancellations
  • Makes rest stops
  • Possible overnight accommodation replacement
  • Central location for pick up and drop off
  • Long journey
  • No other transport options
  • There's no faster option
  • Possibly chilly on board (bring a sweater)
  • No sleeper buses (upright seats)

flight depuis phuket vers bangkok

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1h 30min



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      Top reviews

      I will chose a different company next time
      The drive from BKK to suratthani was all fine! Then we had to wait for a different bus for 1,5h and came late 2,5h all in all. Also the second bus was shaking the whole time and the Manager was unfriendly. Short: ride to suratthani was really good and ride to phuket was unpunctual and staff was unfriendly.

      About the journey from Phuket to Bangkok

      After refreshing yourself with the beachside relaxation that is inevitable with a trip to Phuket, you will be ready to embark on your next adventure in the culturally rich capital city of Bangkok. Things to do in Bangkok include visiting the beautifully adorned Buddhist temples, perusing the markets of Chinatown, taking a river tour, and experiencing a night out on the famous Khao San Road

      Traveling the 840-kilometer (522 mile) trip from Phuket to Bangkok is easily taken by bus. The journey can be booked through a couple of operators at several times throughout the day or even traveling overnight. Buses come in a few different class options but whatever bus you take, you can be assured that there will be lots of extra amenities available to maximize your comfort.

      It is recommended to take a bus overnight if your itinerary allows it as it is a good way to save paying for an extra night’s accommodation. Due to the length of the journey of around 14 to 15 hours, you can pass a lot of this time while sleeping on the reclining seats fitted in every bus.

      When you arrive in Bangkok, the sights, sounds, and smells will wrap you up in an exhilarating mix of Thai culture. The buzz in the city encourages exploration and a desire to go out and meet the travelers and locals who make up this melting pot capital. 



      What to see when traveling from Phuket to Bangkok

      The trip from the southern province, where Phuket is located, up to Bangkok is a long journey, on roads lined with naturally beautiful sights. There are national parks along the way including the huge Kaeng Krung national park which contains jungle trails and waterfalls. The route follows the coastline, letting you enjoy the peaceful ocean views for some of the journey. Rest stops along the way will mostly be at gas stations or roadside markets, but you can be sure to spot some interesting Thai snacks worth sampling.

      If you travel overnight, the roads should be relatively quiet and dark to allow you to get some sleep. Waking up the next day, you will begin entering the busy roads of Bangkok that are buzzing with traffic. There are lots of great sights when entering the city, as Bangkok is full of highly decorated temples and shrines, some of which are visible from the road. 



      What is the fastest way to travel from Phuket to Bangkok?

      The fastest transportation service from Phuket to Bangkok is the VIP Bus operated by The Transport Co. Ltd., which takes around 14 hours.



      What is the cheapest way to travel from Phuket to Bangkok?

      The Tourist Bus operated by Naga Travel is one of the cheapest transport options from Phuket to Bangkok with tickets starting at $28.



      What is the most popular way to travel from Phuket to Bangkok?

      The most popular transportation service from Phuket to Bangkok is with the Tourist Bus by Naga Travel. Tickets are affordable and you can save 20% if you purchase a return ticket during your booking.



      How to get from Phuket to Bangkok

      Phuket to Bangkok is a journey commonly traveled by bus. There are a few bus operators to choose from that depart several times a day from Phuket. Some trips require overnight travel which is a good opportunity to sleep away most of the trip and helps you save a night’s worth of accommodation expenses. 

      Due to the long journey, buses offer comforts such as reclining seats, blankets, and toilet facilities. Air conditioning is often turned up high on these buses, so it is recommended to wear a light but warm layer on the journey. 

      Snacks and drinks are also provided, but it is advisable not to completely rely on this to keep you full throughout the journey. Buses on the road from Phuket to Bangkok take rest stops, so you can be assured you will have extra options for toilet facilities and the chance to purchase food and drinks at each pitstop. 

      Each bus operator has its own rules regarding cancellation policies and recommended times to arrive at the bus station before departing. When you arrive in Bangkok, your bus will drop you at its centrally located arrival zone in the city. From there you can easily grab a tuk-tuk or taxi to your accommodation to freshen up before heading out to the food markets and filling up on traditional Thai delicacies. 



      Bus stations that take you from Phuket to Bangkok

      Departing from:

      • Phuket Bus Terminal 2



      Arriving at:

      • Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai)
      • Mo Chit Bus Terminal



      Which operators can I book with for a ride from Phuket to Bangkok?

      Bus operators from Phuket to Bangkok

      • Naga Travel
      • The Transport Co. Ltd.



      How many departures are there from Phuket to Bangkok each day?

      There are approximately 5 departures per day from Phuket to Bangkok from morning to evening.



      When is the best time of year to visit Phuket?

      The best time of year to visit Phuket is between November and April, as this is the dry season and therefore lets you make the most of the beach and outdoor activities. The high season is between December and March so accommodation and transport may be best booked in advance. 



      When is the best time of year to visit Bangkok?

      The best time of year to visit Bangkok is, like most places in Thailand, during the dry season. For Bangkok, this is approximately between December and March, although the surrounding months are not too extreme. The temperature averages at around 75°F (24°C) during this time, while the evenings can drop to a reasonable 60°F (20°C). It only becomes significantly wetter and hotter from May onwards.