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  • P
    I went to the Lac
    I went to the Lac Hong office not knowing that they would stop 150m from my apartment to pick up another couple. The driver spoke enough English to get the address of my hotel in Nha Trang. We started over an hour late 13:05 instead of 12:00 and spent nearly an hour traveling around DaLat picking people up, as I stated before one of the stops was very close to my apartment. Thus we were 2 hours late into Nha Trang. Other than that small issue it was a very nice ride, the driver was cautious enough but not too slow as to make us even later. The seats were comfortable definitely worth it and would book with them again.
  • L
    Excellent service & follow up
    Nha Trang to Da Lat excellent service. Good driver & safe
  • L
    We needed up with a private minivan ride over. Really quick, easy pick up and drop off. Would recommend.
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