A charming view from within central Albania

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Popular routes in Albania

Tirana to Budva

5h 30mfrom $26

Tirana to Durres

35mfrom $6

Durres to Tirana

35mfrom $6

Tirana to Skopje

8hfrom $22

Kotor to Tirana

5h 50mfrom $29

Tirana to Kotor

6hfrom $29

Tirana to Saranda

3h 30mfrom $52

Budva to Tirana

5h 20mfrom $26

Shkoder to Kotor

3h 50mfrom $18

Skopje to Tirana

7h 30mfrom $22

Shkoder to Budva

3h 10mfrom $15

Dubrovnik to Tirana

6h 30mfrom $43

Budva to Shkoder

3h 20mfrom $15

Saranda to Corfu

30mfrom $11

Kotor to Shkoder

3h 50mfrom $18

Durres to Budva

6h 30mfrom $27

Durres to Piraeus

12hfrom $41

Durres to Ancona

16hfrom $86

Shkoder to Ulcinj

1h 30mfrom $11

Budva to Durres

5h 40mfrom $27

Tirana to Bar

4h 30mfrom $22

Ancona to Durres

16hfrom $86

Durres to Podgorica

4h 30mfrom $19

Shkoder to Bar

2hfrom $16

Tirana to Athens

13hfrom $41

Prizren to Tirana

2h 30mfrom $16

Kotor to Durres

6h 20mfrom $29

Corfu to Saranda

30mfrom $11

Vlora to Tirana

2h 30mfrom $45

Tirana to Pristina

3h 45mfrom $16

Durres to Bari

10hfrom $49

Shkoder to Tivat

3h 40mfrom $27

Athens to Durres

10hfrom $41

Split to Tirana

11hfrom $54

Makarska to Tirana

9h 45mfrom $49

Tirana to Prizren

2h 30mfrom $16

Bari to Durres

10hfrom $49

Tirana to Tirana

20mfrom $4

Athens to Tirana

11hfrom $41

Tirana to Gostivar

6h 20mfrom $16

Tirana to Shkoder

1h 45mfrom $39

Tetovo to Tirana

6h 30mfrom $16

Tirana to Tivat

4h 30mfrom $33

Tirana to Vlora

2h 30mfrom $45

Durres to Kotor

7hfrom $29

Ohrid to Tirana

3h 30mfrom $20

Tirana to Belgrade

12hfrom $37

Tirana to Ohrid

2h 30mfrom $20
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Must visit places in Albania

Your questions, Our answers

Which holidays are celebrated in Albania?

These are the holidays celebrated in Albania:

  • Albanian Flag Day
  • Christmas
  • Dita e Verës
  • Easter
  • Easter Monday
  • Eid al-Adha
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Labor Day
  • Liberation Day
  • Mother Teresa Beatification Day
  • National Youth Day
  • New Year's
  • Nowruz
  • Orthodox Easter
  • Orthodox Easter Monday