A charming view from within central Italy

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Popular routes in Italy

Genoa to Milan

1h 54mfrom $3

Sorrento to Naples

35mfrom $16

Bergamo to Milan

50mfrom $4

Naples to Sorrento

35mfrom $16

Naples to Capri

50mfrom $22

Naples to Positano

1h 15mfrom $46

Milan to Bergamo

45mfrom $4

Bari to Matera

50mfrom $4

Rome to Positano

50mfrom $78

Milan to Genoa

1h 44mfrom $6

Catania to Palermo

2h 20mfrom $15

Sorrento to Rome

50mfrom $23

Positano to Naples

1h 15mfrom $46

Milan to Milan

10mfrom $5

Sorrento to Capri

20mfrom $24

Rome to Venice

1h 5mfrom $16

Rome to Sorrento

50mfrom $23

Milan to Como

40mfrom $152

Milan to Florence

1h 45mfrom $5

Rovinj to Venice

3h 35mfrom $176

Ljubljana to Venice

2h 30mfrom $28

Rome to Naples

50mfrom $3

Naples to Pompei

25mfrom $16

Palermo to Catania

2h 20mfrom $15

Milan to Livigno

3h 40mfrom $443

Pula to Venice

3h 45mfrom $57

Venice to Venice

2mfrom $10

Capri to Naples

40mfrom $18

Genoa to La Spezia

1h 20mfrom $13

Naples to Rome

50mfrom $1

Pula to Trieste

1h 55mfrom $21

Bergamo to Livigno

3h 20mfrom $373

Milan to Rome

1h 10mfrom $7

Naples to Amalfi

1h 20mfrom $38

Sorrento to Amalfi

55mfrom $24

Treviso to Venice

23mfrom $11

Rome to Salerno

1h 28mfrom $12

Venice to Rovinj

3h 20mfrom $127

Treviso to Ljubljana

2h 30mfrom $29

Bari to Patras

16h 30mfrom $63

Ljubljana to Treviso

2h 50mfrom $29

Umag to Trieste

1h 30mfrom $63

Alghero to Olbia

1h 40mfrom $205

Catania to Messina

1h 10mfrom $9

Venice to Ljubljana

2h 45mfrom $21

Trieste to Koper

25mfrom $39

Venice to Padua

13mfrom $3

Matera to Bari

55mfrom $4

Split to Ancona

12h 30mfrom $71

Salerno to Amalfi

30mfrom $12

Praiano to Naples

1h 30mfrom $49

Venice to Porec

3h 5mfrom $127

Zagreb to Trieste

3h 5mfrom $14

Messina to Milazzo

40mfrom $107

Castrocielo to Domat/Ems

11h 25mfrom $107

Ceprano to Lainate

8h 15mfrom $71
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Your questions, Our answers

Are credit cards accepted in Italy?

MasterCard and Visa are accepted by nearly all merchants in Italy. Most also accept American Express and Discover card as well.

What is the standard voltage and plug type in Italy?

The standard voltage in Italy is 230V. There are three plug types in Italy: Types C, F and L.