A charming view from within central Belarus

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Popular routes in Belarus

Vilnius to Minsk

3h 40mfrom $16

Minsk to Vilnius

3h 30mfrom $22

Vilnius to Zhirmuny

2h 49mfrom $13

Brest to Warsaw

5h 30mfrom $39

Vilnius to Navahrudak

4h 35mfrom $20

Minsk to Olsztyn

14h 50mfrom $74

Bialystok to Minsk

9h 35mfrom $52

Vilnius to Pinsk

9h 45mfrom $25

Gdansk to Minsk

14h 40mfrom $79

Warsaw to Minsk

8h 55mfrom $33

Vilnius to Azarycy

8h 53mfrom $25

Vilnius to Orkovichi

4h 12mfrom $20

Minsk to Bialystok

13h 5mfrom $52

Vilnius to Valevka

4h 59mfrom $20

Vilnius to Voranava

2h 25mfrom $8

Minsk to Kaunas

15h 25mfrom $73

Vilnius to Kraglevichi

8h 45mfrom $25

Riga to Minsk

8h 45mfrom $48

Minsk to Lublin

19h 55mfrom $69

Vilnius to Lahisyn

9h 5mfrom $25

Minsk to Warsaw

9h 45mfrom $33

Olsztyn to Minsk

11h 30mfrom $73

Vilnius to Cieliachany

8h 34mfrom $22

Minsk to Riga

12h 15mfrom $51

Minsk to Gdansk

17h 50mfrom $84

Vilnius to Byten

6h 59mfrom $20

Vilnius to Byarozawka

3h 55mfrom $20

Vilnius to Pavlovo

5h 50mfrom $17

Vilnius to Zhirovichi

6h 37mfrom $17

Lublin to Minsk

13h 35mfrom $69

Vilnius to Dzyatlava

4h 30mfrom $15

Vilnius to Porechye

5h 4mfrom $20

Vilnius to Haradzisca

5h 19mfrom $25

Vilnius to Mil'kovichi

4h 20mfrom $20
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