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Chile at a glance

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Not only is Chile's history diverse in terms of events, Chileans come from all sorts of backgrounds. The natural landscape serves as a perfect reflection of the differences. This long and thin country sits next to the South Pacific Ocean, cradled next to Argentina and Bolivia. The most northern portion of this country holds the driest desert in the world, and the most southern part of Chile holds a cold, mountaneous range. Exploring from end to end is highly recommended but may take some time, as the terrain varies so much. Chileans are proud not only of their country's history, or the gastronomy, they are also prideful of the people Chile has made famous. This country has produced tens of poets, especially those who have won Nobel prizes, like the famous Pablo Neruda. He once wrote, "My town, is it true that in spring, / My name rings in your ears / And you recognize me / As if I were a river / That passed by your door?"
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Transportation types in Chile


Buses in Chile


Coach buses in Chile mostly operate in specific routes, ones which usually include border crossings. Just like country is narrow, the roads are too. The buses, though, are always very comfortable; journeys may be lengthy but seats recline almost all the way. There are usually no bathrooms on board but the drivers make stops throughout the journey. It's nice to know that transport in Chile runs on schedule, with very few delays in sight!


Minivans in Chile


Minivans which travel between cities in Chile are perfect for large group travel. Vans which offer private transfers have enough space for up to six people. On top of that, there's ample room for luggage. Drivers are always very helpful and will navigate narrow and curvy roads with great care. Drivers can speak and help you out in Spanish, Portuguese or English.


Cars in Mexico


From North to South, Chile extends to more than 4,000 km. Many of the city or landmarks in Chile may be hard to reach by modes of transport other than car, since the terrain is so varied. Booking a private transfer will allow for a super flexible experience, with a very knowledgeable driver to guide you through the country and help you through the route. Keep in mind that many routes in Chile can only be booked seasonally (for example, from July to September).