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How to get from
Macau to Hong Kong

Macau to Hong Kong Trip Overview

Distance65 km (40.6 miles)
Price range$24-$57
Ride Duration Range55m-4h
Earliest Departure23:30
Latest Departure23:30

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Travel Schedule Options from Macau to Hong Kong

Taking a bus from Macau to Hong Kong

Fastest bus: 4h

Cheapest bus: $26

The fastest: 4h

The cheapest: $26



The fastest: 55m

The cheapest: $24


Luggage allowance

Air conditioned cabin

WiFi provided

Bathrooms on board

QR code ticket scanning


Possible sea sickness

Usually non refundable


No personal pick ups or drop offs




A beautiful view from within central Hong Kong

About the ride from Macau to Hong Kong


This short but sweet trip allows you to enjoy not one but two of China’s most exciting cities: Macau and Hong Kong. Bright lights, late nights and more casinos and bars than days in the year; if you’re looking for action, you’re in the right place.

There are a couple of ways to get from Macau to Hong Kong. One involves hopping on a double-decker bus and driving across a 55 kilometer (34 miles) bridge-tunnel system called the HK–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge.

Another consists of taking the ferry across the Lingdingyang channel. Although it's quicker to take the bus, ferry rides are more fun.

Yet, another option, albeit probably not worth the trouble, is getting a car rental in Macau for a Hong Kong day trip. Lots and lots of commuters and shoppers use this route, but the other options are more leisurely. And unless you really feel like driving, why bother?

If you're wondering whether you can book a flight from Macau to Hong Kong, you can. However, the route is so elongated you’ll spend half the day getting from A to B via C rather than just an hour by ferry or bus. 

So, if you want to take the ferry, you need to know a few details first. Ferries are a very safe and convenient way to travel between both cities. There are dozens of daily departures, so you won't have to wait long if you miss one.

The ferry from Macau to Hong Kong is clean, modern and well maintained. It includes air-conditioned seating cabins, washrooms and Wifi can also be accessed onboard. A QR code ticket scanner makes boarding the ferry a breeze. Ticket prices start from around US$32 for an Economy ferry.

The main ferry service company, Turbo Jet, is a well-established organization running this service for years. They provide two different ferry types: Economy and VIP. They're basically the same but Economy sails at night.

An alternative to taking the ferry is to take a Macau to Hong Kong bus. These run all day, every day, and cross the bridge in around 40 minutes. Buses are comfortable and air-conditioned. They're also safe and very affordable. You're looking at just US$8 per person.


What to see when traveling from Macau to Hong Kong

The overall distance from Macau to Hong Kong is 65 kilometers (40 miles).

If you're taking the ferry, you should look out for the bridge connecting the two cities. It's the longest interconnected suspension bridge in the world and quite a sight. Check out the man-made islands supporting the bridge in the middle.

This stretch of water is basically where the Pearl River Delta empties out into the South China Sea. It can get a little rough during lousy weather, but other than that, it will be plain sailing. It's quite an industrious shipping lane, so there will be all sorts of boats and barges passing alongside.

Most passengers tend to chill in the air-conditioned seating area, whereas others, usually the travelers, will get to know their fellow passengers and maybe break out a deck of cards.

If you’re a card player, you might already have had your fill of Macau's casinos and be looking forward to something a little less exciting in Hong Kong. However, as the city’s bright lights get closer and closer, you may well change your mind. Hong Kong is an electrifying city and is open 24/7.

Bus transport from Macau to Hong Kong takes just 40 minutes. You’ll get some South China Sea views and a few tower blocks as you leave Macau and approach Hong Kong, but other than that, it will be buses, trucks and cars whizzing by your window.


How to get from Macau to Hong Kong 


Taking a ferry from Macau to Hong Kong

Without a doubt, the VIP ferry is the most comfortable and convenient way to travel. However, all that luxury comes at a cost. VIP ferry ticket prices start from US$73, whereas Economy ferry tickets start at US$34. 

The price difference is due to the time in the day when the ferry departs. VIP ferries tend to leave in daylight hours, Economy ferries are scheduled for night crossings. Both ferries are run by Turbo Jet, and it takes one hour. 

Both Economy and VIP ferries are clean, modern and comfortable. You'll be treated to air-conditioning as well as Wifi access and an onboard bathroom. There are many departures throughout the day and night, and a handy QR code makes the ticketing process very easy.

The Macau to Hong Kong ferry schedule is packed with approximately 62 ferry crossings day and night, so getting a ticket won’t be hard.

If you're arriving in Hong Kong after dark, have your accommodation booked in advance, so you've got somewhere to head to when you walk down the gangplank at Victoria Harbour. There will be lots of taxis waiting, so you can be in the big city in a matter of minutes.


Taking a shuttle bus from Macau to Hong Kong 

If you're looking forward to crossing one of the world's longest bridges by road, then the public bus from Macau to Hong Kong might be a better option. Tickets are very affordable, around US$8, and the ride is a very speedy 40 minutes.

Shuttle buses run through the night and all day. They're used by local people, commuters and travelers alike. Be aware that the busiest times of the day – morning and late afternoon rush hour – can be slightly hectic. It's organized chaos, though and actually quite fun. Well, memorable!

Onboard amenities are minimal. Seats are relatively comfortable, the air-conditioning will be on, and the drivers know the route like the back of their hands. 

On arrival, there will be plenty of HK taxis waiting to whisk you to wherever you want to go. 

Companies Operating from Macau to Hong Kong

Average time

55m - 1h 10m

Average price

$26 - $55


Average time


Average price



Average time


Average price

$24 - $45

Popular stations and stops in Macau and Hong Kong

Departure stations in Macau

Lisboa Hotel Macau

Sands Macau

Grand Lisboa Macau

Venetian Macau

MGM Cotai

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Arrival stations in Hong Kong

TST West Elements

Prince Edward Shanghai Street

Hong Kong Airport Sky Pier

Hong Kong Macau Terminal

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