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1 way to get from Hong Kong to Macau

Taking a Ferry from Hong Kong to Macau
Know before you go

There are tons of ferries which traverse the South China Sea, and make their way to Macau. The two beautiful cities can be easily connected by getting on a ferry ride. These boats are usually very tidy and comfortable, with indoor seating and great service. It's important to bring your passport with you.

  • Pros
    • Return journeys available
    • Air conditioned cabin
    • WiFi provided
    • Multiple departure times per day
    • Bathrooms on board
  • Cons
    • Oftentimes non refundable
    • No personal pick ups or drop offs
    • High demand: quick to overbook
    • Food and drinks - not for free
Most popular rides

About the ride from Hong Kong to Macau


Traveling in China is a really big eye-opener. And going from mainland China to Hong Kong to Macau can be mindblowing. It provides endless opportunities to meet local people and get a real understanding of what the country is actually like away from the media spotlight. 

So, if you want to find out how to get from Hong Kong to Macau, read on...

There's a massive 55 kilometer (34 miles) bridge that connects the cities. It’s the longest of its kind in the world. If you've got plans to just stroll across it, you're out of luck, I'm afraid. However, you can take a shuttle bus or bypass the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge altogether if you go by ferry.

The ferry to Macau is the most popular mode of transport, but not the cheapest.

The shuttle bus is the best way to travel from Hong Kong to Macau if you get seasick. It's a great way to sit with locals traveling between the two cities. However, be forewarned that things can get busy in the morning and late afternoon around commuter time. Standing room only, perhaps.

Either way you choose to travel, the ride is thankfully only around an hour, making a Macau day trip totally feasible. And since you have nearly 1 zillion departures a day, if you miss a bus or ferry, you can just jump on board the next available one. No problem. This keeps the queues to a minimum too.

There are no trains or flights from Hong Kong to Macau, so hopefully, you like ferries or buses. 


What to see when traveling from Hong Kong to Macau

Taking the Hong Kong to Macau ferry is a great way to see more of the world's longest sea bridge than you would if you crossed over by bus. It's basically three bridge sections that are attached by cables and secured on man-made islands. 

The bridge crosses the Lingdingyang channel, which is part of the Pearl River Delta. It’s where the Pearl River starts to flow out into the South China Sea. 

If you're traveling on an Economy ferry, you're not going to see much because these cheaper crossings take place at night. You might catch some twinkling lights, however, as both cities are havens for casinos, shopping malls and high-rise tower blocks.

If you're taking the Hong Kong to Macau bus, you're not going to see much other than other traffic, suspension cables and the seatback in front of you. But, again, if you're traveling at night, keep an eye out for the bright city lights as you leave Hong Kong and head for Macau.


How to get from Hong Kong to Macau 

Taking a ferry from Hong Kong to Macau 

The ferry from Hong Kong to Macau is the most popular mode of transport. There are approximately 62 daily departures, all of which take about an hour to make the crossing. 

There are two types of ferries running this route, Economy and VIP. They're both owned by Turbo Jet, a well-established ferry company in this region of China.

VIP ferries are super lovely with reclining seats, onboard televisions and air-conditioning. You'll also find a place to buy food, a washroom and Wifi. VIP ferry tickets to Macau start from US$73 per passenger, whereas the Economy service starts from US$34.

Economy ferries don't differ that much from VIP alternatives. You still get your air-conditioning, reclining seats and a selection of food and drinks. There's also a bathroom onboard, and you'll have access to Wifi. However, the difference is that Economy ferries run from midnight to 6 am, and VIP ferries run the rest of the day. 

It's definitely a good idea to get accommodation sorted out for your arrival in Macau. However, there will be tons of taxis waiting to whisk you off to one of the city's casinos and hotels. So do some research first and find out how much taxis cost before jumping into the first one you see. 


Taking a shuttle bus from Hong Kong to Macau 

As the distance from Hong Kong to Macau is 65 kilometers (40 miles), shuttle buses only take 40 minutes to cross the bridge and run 24hrs a day. Buses are usually double-deckers and have all the mod cons, including air-conditioning and comfortable seats. But don't expect a bathroom onboard.

Ticket prices for shuttle buses are very affordable. They start from as little as US$8 per passenger. It's also cheaper to take a night bus than a day bus. 

Also, if you're catching the night bus, make sure you've got somewhere to stay sorted out before you arrive. Just the same as the ferry terminal, there will be cabs waiting for your arrival. 

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