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How to get from
Athens to Mykonos

Athens to Mykonos Trip Overview

Distance135 km (84.4 miles)
Price range$57-$191
Ride Duration Range40m-45m
Earliest Departure04:55
Latest Departure17:35

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Travel Schedule Options from Athens to Mykonos

Taking a ferry from Athens to Mykonos




The fastest: 40m

The cheapest: $57




A beautiful view from within central Mykonos

About the ride from Athens to Mykonos

As the hearth of ancient Greece, and home to Europe’s most iconic historical landmarks, Athens is one of the most enchanting places you’ll ever see. For travellers, the Greek capital isn’t just important because of its beautiful temples and citadels. The city also happens to be a huge transit hub. For those in the know, that means a trip from Athens to Mykonos. 

If there was a reward for the most cosmopolitan island in Greece, Mykonos would definitely take the medal. With its upscale eateries, vivid nightlife and incredible natural beauty, this island is deservedly on many people’s bucket lists.

The question is, how do you get from Athens to Mykonos? Read on to find out!

Mykonos is located in the Aegean Sea, around 95 miles southeast of Athens. To get there, you can choose between two options: take a ferry, or hop on a plane. There are pros and cons to each type of transportation, but they both take a relatively short time.

If you want to take a ferry, you can expect a 2.5 hour journey. There are multiple operators running trips from Athens, with arguably the most established one being operated by SeaJets. Departing every day in the early morning, the Seajets ferry lets you make the most out of your first day on the island. More on taking a ferry ride to Mykonos in a bit.

Mykonos is all about luxury travelling, so it makes sense that a lot of people choose to get here by plane. The thing is, getting a plane from Athens to Mykonos isn’t expensive at all! The best part is that there are as many as 15 departures every day. 

Now, you might think that the 35 minute flight is a clear advantage over a ferry ride. The thing is, when you factor in the time spent on airport transfers and security checks, the two options tend to even out.


What to see when traveling from Athens to Mykonos

What you’ll see on your way to Mykonos will entirely depend on your choice of transportation. Obviously, a plane ride will take away from the sightseeing aspect of your journey. Still, with Athens International Airport some 20 miles from downtown, you’ll still get a glimpse of what continental Greece is like.

Arriving on the other side, you’ll be pleased to learn that Mykonos International Airport is just 2 miles away from Mykonos Town. Here, you can catch a cab to town. If you’d prefer to take things at your own pace, there are a couple of rent a car operators right next to the airport.

If you’re taking a ferry, you’ll need to make your way to the port town of Piraeus. Don’t worry, this still counts as Athens though – you’re just 8 miles from the Acropolis! As you leave continental Greece in your wake, you’ll be instantly immersed into the beauty of the Aegian sea, and the magnificent Cyclades islands.

Enjoy the views as the Aegean archipelago welcomes you into its arms. It’s impossible to remember all the 200+ islands of the Cyclades, but there is one that you’ll pass on your voyage to Mykonos that definitely deserves your attention. 

The sacred island of Delos will come into view just before you reach Mykonos. The island is a special mythological site for Greeks, and it couldn’t be more different from its easterly neighbor. Contrasting the buzzing atmosphere of Mykonos, the population of this little island is less than 20 people! But 3000 years ago, this place was as lively as it got back in the day. Did you know that this is the birthplace of the god Apollo?

If you’re not interested in history, that’s fine because Mykonos has plenty of other things to offer. Sit down for a romantic dinner in Little Venice as the windmills sing to the tune of the Aegian sea breeze. If you’re up for something a little more up-tempo, hit the famed club scene and dance the night away.


Getting from Athens to Mykonos

Going by ferry

The High Speed SeaJets ferry going to Mykonos is called Worldchampion Jet. It got its name after the Minardi Formula 1 race car driven by Jos Verstappen in 2003-2004. This very car will be joining you in the cabin as you make your way to the island!

The ferry leaves at 7:00 am from the Port of Piraeus, and it takes around 2.5 hours to reach Mykonos. Unlike some other ferry operators, the SeaJets ferry arrives at the Old Port of Mykonos, which is right in the city center.

The ferry is equipped with A/C and toilets, with different seating options at your disposal. The standard US$75.97 option provides every passenger with a seat located in one of the spacious indoor cabins.

For an additional $25, you can upgrade to the Club class and enjoy the ride in larger seats in a separate cabin. For those of you who don’t want to compromise on comfort, you can upgrade to the top of the range Premium class. 

The US$117.97 option will allow you to spend your journey in comfortable and spacious seating with individual tables. The quiet cabin has electrical outlets in case you need to charge any of your devices.

Cancellation and changes are not possible after the tickets have been issued. If you want the extra flexibility, you can purchase a $7.60 cancellation insurance and get a full refund if you cancel up to 24 hours before the trip. The ferry runs from June 16 to October 31.


Going by plane

Getting a plane from Athens to Mykonos is an equally efficient way of getting to the island. There are as many as 15 flights operating every day, so you’ll have plenty of choices at your disposal. Depending on the class and airline you choose, return tickets will set you back anywhere from $77 to $459.

One thing you need to have in mind is that flights sell out much earlier than ferries. Make sure you reserve your spot in time!

Companies Operating from Athens to Mykonos

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Popular stations and stops in Athens and Mykonos

Departure stations in Athens

Athens Airport (ATH)

Mykonos Port

Mykonos New Port

Rafina Port

Arrival stations in Mykonos

Mykonos Island National (JMK)

Piraeus port

Piraeus Port

Rafina Port

Mykonos New Port

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