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Stations in Pakse  

Chitpasong Bus Station, Pakse, Laoslogo
Pakse International Airport, Pakxé, Laoslogo
Chitpasong Bus Station, Thanon 11 Rd, Pakse, Laoslogo
No.38 Road, Pakxé, Laoslogo
Green Paradise Travel Co Ltd, Sabaidee 2 Road, ThaLaung Village, Pakse District, Pakse Central, Pakse, Laoslogo
No.11 Road, Pakse, Laoslogo
No.24 Rd, Pakse, Laoslogo
Pakse Northern Bus Terminal, 5QC6+4C Pakse, Laoslogo
Pakse, Laoslogo
Lankham Hotel, 13, Pakse, Laoslogo
station location

Pakse at a glance

High season

Oct - Apr
Place you can't miss
Bolaven Plateau
Local currency
Good to know
At the junction of the rivers Xe Don and Mekong, lies a city called Pakse, filled with French Colonial architecture, this gem is home to a magnificent Buddhist temple where one can see monks perform their ritual alms collecting at sunrise, as well as a world famous Historical Heritage Museum which explores the history and culture of the area through displays of the unique jewelry and craftsmanship of the region. Often used as a gateway to Southern Laos, Pakse is a popular urban base as travelers do day trips to the nearby attractions such as the waterfalls and hills of the Bolaven Plateau.

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