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Stories by travelers, for travelers

How to ring in the new year in Peru

Grab some lentils and fireworks—spending New Year’s Eve in Peru is an experience unlike any other. We’ll show you the best places to celebrate.

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How to get from Cusco to Machu Picchu: A stress-free guide

From sorting through train options to getting views of the Andes in the daylight, we’ll equip you with must-knows about traveling from Cusco to Machu Picchu.

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Make it work: 6 golden work rules for digital nomads

If you’re thinking of embracing the digital nomad lifestyle, here are a few golden rules for you to live, work and travel by.

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Stations in Cusco  

Estacion San Pedro, F2H8+GQ Cusco, Perulogo
Turismo Mer, F29J+8X Cusco, Perulogo
Cusco, Perulogo
Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport, Velasco Astete, Cusco 08006, Perulogo
Terminal Terrestre de Cusco, Cusco, Perulogo
Terminal Cruz del Sur Santiago, Industrial 121, Cusco 08007, Perulogo
Terminal de Buses, Av Grau, Cusco 08002, Perulogo
Peru Rail, Ticket Office: Av. Pachacuteq s/n, Distrito de Wanchaq, Cusco, Perulogo
Centro Histórico, Cusco, Perulogo
Los Portales II, Del Medio 177, Cusco 08002, Perulogo
Academia Raimondi, 138,, Granada 113, Cusco 08002, Perulogo
Av El Sol 106, Cusco 08000, Perulogo
Plaza San Francisco, Cusco 08002, Perulogo
Restaurante Bembos (Plaza de Armas), Calle Plateros, Cusco 08002, Perulogo
Plaza el Regocijo, Cusco 08002, Perulogo
Movil Tours, Av La Paz, Cusco 08002, Perulogo
Real Inka Car, N 496, Miguel Grau, Cusco 08002, Perulogo
Poroy Train Station, Calle Roldan s/n Distrito de, Cusco, Perulogo
Av El Sol 843, Cusco 08000, Perulogo
Cusco, Perulogo
Cusela Bus, Industrial 550, Cusco 08000, Perulogo
Terminal Terrestre Counter B-3, Vía de Evitamiento 429, Santiago, Cusco, Perulogo
Av. 28 de Julio R 2-1 Urbanización de Ttio, Wanchaq, Cusco, Perulogo
Alameda Pachacuteq 499, Cusco 08000, Perulogo
Cusco Poroylogo
Av. Luis Vallejo Santonilogo
Terminal Terrestre de Cuscologo
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Cusco at a glance

High season

March - May
Place you can't miss
Sacred Valley
Local currency
Good to know
Cusco is a magical Peruvian destination, all due to it’s Incan history. Interestingly enough, the Cuusco flag is a rainbow, so a colorful experience is expected. When you visit Cusco, expect to spend a lot of time excavating history with your feet so be sure to bring comfortable shoes. The Incan and indigenous ruins aren’t to be missed, stand at the top of the Sacsayhuaman ruins and feel like an emperor. The fresh, mountaineous air intoxicates when a glimpse of the stars above all of the intricate, conquistador-built structures and churches. The whirlwind that is Cusco shouldn’t be missed.

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Most regions have excellent internet connections and reasonable prices; it is typical for hotels and hostels to have wi-fi or computer terminals. Family guesthouses, particularly outside urban areas, lag behind in this area. Internet cafes are widespread.

Good Friday | Easter | Labour Day | Feast of Saints Peter and Paul | Peru Independence Day | Great Military Parade of Peru | Feast of Saint Rose of Lima | Angamos Battle Celebration | Reformation Day | All Saints' Day | Feast of the Immaculate Conception | Christmas Day

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