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How to get from
Legazpi to Manila

Legazpi to Manila Trip Overview

Distance330 km (206.3 miles)
Price range$23-$39
Ride Duration Range9h 44m-10h 1m
Earliest Departure01:00
Latest Departure11:00

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Travel Schedule Options from Legazpi to Manila

Taking a bus from Legazpi to Manila

Fastest bus: 9h 44m

Cheapest bus: $23

The fastest: 9h 44m

The cheapest: $23





Reclining Seats





A beautiful view from within central Manila

About the ride from Legazpi to Manila

Although Manila is commonly considered to be the most mentioned city in the Philippines, travel some 476 kilometers (211 miles) south and you'll find the city of Legazpi hot on its heels. In fact, often visitors to Legazpi place it as the highlight of their holidays. Adventurous activities, such as zip-lining, quad biking and hiking in the volcanic foothills of Mount Mayon, have all turned Legazpi into the place to be for anyone looking for more than just a beach vacation. Of course, as Legazpi is set overlooking the Albay Gulf - part of the Philippine Sea – it's got more than its fair share of beaches, too. Talk about being able to have your Filipino cake and eat it!

However, all good things have to come to an end at some point. And making the ride north from Legazpi to Manila is an obvious next step for most travelers. Before you set off, there are a couple of transport options that you need to know about. Firstly, you can travel overland by bus. Types of bus vary from Economy to VIP and Sleeper to Tourist. Choosing which type of bus ride you prefer can often come down to price although, it would be wise not to discount which ride is most comfortable, especially as you're going to be traveling for an average of 13 hours and 30 minutes!

An alternative option to bus travel is to take to the skies. Economy flights from Legazpi to Manila only take an hour and 30 minutes in the air. Although this isn't the best way to see the whole country, it is by far the quickest route if you need to make it to Manila in a hurry. Also, as there are over 80 departures every day, you can pretty much pick and choose when you leave and arrive. This is great news for any travelers looking to have a whole day by the beach or on Mount Mayon before taking a night flight to Manila and perhaps a connecting flight home.


What to see when traveling from Legazpi to Manila 

If you're taking the overnight sleeper bus from Legazpi to Manila you're not really going to see very much at all. And that's how most folks like it. You're going to be able to get some sleep in an air-conditioned environment where seats recline to practically horizontal positions. That's why the ride by sleeper bus is one of the most popular modes of transport. Not only will you have the best chance of rest but you'll also save money on accommodation. What's not to like? 

Alternatively, why not take an early morning bus from Legazpi to Manila? You can watch out of your window as the landscape changes from south to north. You might also spot streetside stalls and communities going about their daily lives within urban areas not generally associated with tourism. You can still sleep no matter when your bus departs, just remember to pack a few creature comforts – such as ear plugs and your favorite travel cushion – just to have every chance of catching some zees. 

How to get from Legazpi to Manila 

Taking a bus 

The most affordable way to get to Manila from Legazpi is the Economy Bus. This enables you to travel 476 kilometers (211 miles) for a seat price that starts from $25. Not only that but if you're traveling through the night you won't also have to pay any extra for accommodation. Just try to get as comfy as possible with an eye mask, ear plugs and your warmest sweater or hoodie to counteract the constant air-conditioning. 

If you prefer a more luxurious ride then you'll find the VIP Sleeper Buses to be much more to your style. Although they're about double the price of the Economy Bus they are designed with proper sleeping in mind. Seats recline practically to prostrate positioning so give you the best possible chance of arriving in Manila from Legazpi rested and ready to go. Also, as bus rides are often quite sociable events too – especially over 13.5 hours – they offer a great opportunity to get to know fellow travelers either whilst on board or at one of the regular rest stops.


Taking a flight 

If you're flying from Legazpi to Manila you can expect to pay practically double the price of a VIP Bus ride ticket. However, for the extra expense you will get to experience more time exploring on the ground. Also, for many, making their way from Legazpi to Manila might well be their final traveling experience in the Philippines before they depart for home. In this way, taking a flight is the best way to get to the capital in time to make a connecting departure time. 

It only takes an hour and a half to fly from south to north and you might also be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the country's most active volcano, Mount Mayon, that stands at 2,463 meters (8,081 feet). Economy flights leave Legazpi to Manila throughout the day and cost anywhere upwards of $112. 

Companies Operating from Legazpi to Manila

Average time

9h 44m - 10h 1m

Average price



Average time

10h 1m

Average price

$23 - $25


Popular stations and stops in Legazpi and Manila

Departure stations in Legazpi

Legazpi Airport (LGP)

Legazpi Grand Central Terminal

Legazpi Grand Central Terminal

Arrival stations in Manila

Manila Airport (MNL)


PITX Bus Terminal

PITX Bus Terminal

Buendia Bus Terminal

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