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San Agustin Church
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Manila is the capital city of the Phillipines, meaning that like any other metropolitan place, it is filled with huge amounts of diversity in experience, food, and people. But, Manila is NOT like any other city! There are mixtures of local, Filipino culture and European, Spanish influence on every corner. Eating can be done at famous Filipino fastfood chain, Jollibee, or at the thousands of food stands that litter the streets. An off-beat Manila activity may be volunteering to clean up Manila Bay, where you can meet locals and discuss the turbulent history of the city, all while doing a good deed.

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Top reviews

Alright booking service
Our booking was not transferred to the Bus lines and we had to wait extra hours for the next bus but bookaway did send the tickets promptly and got us on a new bus
Easy-Peasy trip to Sagada
Booked our 2-way trip from Manila (Cubao) to Sagada with Coda Lines - the only bus line with direct trip to Sagada. Last minute we had encountered a problem due to Taal eruption that I had to change the name of my companion. Bookaway Chat Support was very helpful and convenient to use. After a couple of minutes, I've received my updated voucher. Kudos!
Trip cancellation
Hi, we had to cancel our trip to the Philippines and also, therefore, our bus transportation. Cordially.
I know bus in Php are cold But this one was so freaking crazy cold!! I really don't get it... Driver was driving fast / break / fast / break in the mountain
Online Booking
The online booking wasn’t good and not updated. Booked online but they changed the bus then the schedule several times. Was so frustrated but no choice. You have to pay the toilet in the terminal.
Gets You From A to B
It's not fun, being on a bus for ten hours. So if you're expecting it to be brutal, you're right. Still, it's *absolutely worth it* to take this bus to Banaue because the terraces (especially in Batad!) are so gorgeous. And you can't blame Coda Lines for everything - it's a long drive, so it's bound to be frustrating. They can't control the traffic either, so I wasn't too frustrated when the bus back to Manila was about half an hour late. What really bothered me was how many stops we took! For example, we ended up taking a half hour stop about ten minutes after setting off. Why?! That was my biggest reason for taking stars off. Other reviewers are right, the bus is very cold. I brought a down jacket and it was necessary.
Reasonably comfortable (except for the
Reasonably comfortable (except for the plastic-covered seats). Our seats had been double-booked, so we were moved to another pair that were available.
On time and clean, early arrival
Bring extra layers for the ac. The road is windy and a little bumpy. Driver didn’t use horn much so it was relitavely quiet. Coach was clean. One stop enroute. Toilet on the bus. Left Manila at 10pm on time, arrived 2 hours before schedule in banaue at 5am.
Helpful Dispatcher
Requested to be dropped in Bayombong during night trip from Manila. To ensure I do not miss my stop, kind lady dispatcher transferred me from the back to a front seat so I can remind driver about my stop. Thanks!
Booking was easy and every
Booking was easy and every thing working according plan. Thanks will book again via you.