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Stories by travelers, for travelers

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Sri Lanka at a glance

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Sri Lanka is one of the most special places on the planet; ask any local and they will be more than glad to share with you their favorite spots in the country. This is an island nation which sits right off the coast of India, but don't get the two mixed up. Sri Lanka has its own culture and people. Sri Lankans mostly speak Sinhala and Tamil. Visit places like Sri Pada or the Horton Plains National Park in order to get a peek into the diversity of nature in Sri Lanka, a true feat considering the country's size.
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Sinhala, Tamil
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Transportation types in Sri Lanka


Buses in Sri Lanka


When traveling in between Sri Lankan cities by bus, you'll find yourself singing all of the road trip classics, especially "The wheels on the bus go round and round... " This is because, oftentimes, country's buses are ones which resemble Western school buses. All jokes aside, it's a really fun and enchanting experience to travel through Sri Lankan scenery by a very local mode of transport. The seats are usually made of leather. Often, there's no bathrooms or air conditioners on board, rather big windows you can open and let the breeze in. This type of bus is an adventurous option for groups and individuals. If you want less of an anecdotal experience and more comfort, consider booking coach buses which run through Sri Lanka in abudance.


Trains in Sri Lanka


During high season, Sri Lankan trains may be hard to catch, as they are one of the most comfortable ways to get through the island. The outside of the trains are usually quite comfortable. The trains ride through some of the most beautiful sceneries of the land, from your window you'll be able to admire streams and lush rainforests. Oftentimes, you may find that the trains are in very high demand. It's recommended to purchase tickets more than a month in advance in order to secure your spot.


Minivans in Sri Lanka


Minivans in Sri Lanka are a guaranteed way to get you between traffic jams and confusing roads with no hassle at all. The vans are usually really comfortable, as the vehicles are all relatively new. Vans provide private transfers for seven to nine passengers. The only thing to note is that shared minivans are not so common; private vans may be very pricey (and not so environmentally friendly) for solo travellers to consider.


Cars in Sri Lanka


If you (and possibly two other people) need to get from one amazing Sri Lankan city to the next, consider booking a private car. Cars in Sri Lanka provide maximum amounts of flexibility and comfort. No need to worry about maneuvering the roads, as someone experienced and local will do it for you. Start a conversation with the driver about sights to see and they will surely tell you about all of their favorite spots. The roads in Sri Lanka are all relatively updated and smooth so you won't find yourself getting thrown around the cabin everytime the wheels hit a pothole.