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How to get from
Ella to Kandy

Ella to Kandy Trip Overview

Distance65 km (40.6 miles)
Price range$5-$90
Ride Duration Range4h-10h 35m
Earliest Departure18:30
Latest Departure23:30

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Travel Schedule Options from Ella to Kandy

Taking a train from Ella to Kandy

Fastest train: 6h

Cheapest train: $5

The fastest: 6h

The cheapest: $5




Reclining Seats



The fastest: 4h

The cheapest: $22




The fastest: 4h

The cheapest: $68



A beautiful view from within central Kandy

About the journey from Ella to Kandy

From the small town of Ella, travel to the city of Kandy provides the best of Sri Lankan history, spirituality, and nature. From Ella you will travel 64 kilometers (40 miles) to the hilltop and jungle-surrounded plain where the city of Kandy is situated. The city has an important history as the last capital of the Sinhalese Kingdom before the British took over in 1815. Kandy is considered sacred and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its fascinating Buddhist Temple of the Tooth Relic being a popular pilgrimage site that holds the sacred tooth of the Buddha. Every year in August, the Esala Perahera or Tooth Festival procession takes place here, with the 10 days’ worth of festivities being the most renowned in Sri Lanka. In the heart of the city near the temple sits the stunning Kandy Lake which is the perfect place for relaxing walks and calm reflection.

There are many ways to travel from Ella and Kandy including by bus, train, minivan, or car. Journeys can vary from 3.5 hours to 6 hours depending on the mode of transport taken. If you are traveling as a group you can save money by choosing the minivan service, while individual travelers may prefer the train for the cheapest ticket.


What to see when traveling from Ella to Kandy

Sri Lanka is famous for its natural beauty of vivid green jungles, forest-filled mountain tops and pristine lakes. You may pass through or alongside Horton Plains National Park which is within close proximity to Ella and sits on a plateau where rivers run and waterfalls flow amongst jungle vegetation. By train you can pass by Pidurutalagala, the highest mountain peak in Sri Lanka.

By car or minivan, you may find yourself taking a different route from Ella to Kandy. Along the way you will be encapsulated by the Victoria Randenigala Rantembe Sanctuary, a man made site built to protect several reservoirs that are also home to rich birdlife as well as a population of elephants.


How to get from Ella to Kandy?

Taking a bus 

Bus travel from Ella to Kandy is a good service with plenty of amenities. On board you can expect reclining seats, charging ports, and TV’s. Each passenger is permitted to take one bag on the bus. Since toilet facilities aren’t often available on board, toilet and rest stops will be taken during the journey. 


Taking a minivan

Minivan travel from Ella to Kandy is a good option for groups, as a Standard Minivan can transfer up to 6 passengers. Minivan travel can be cheap for bigger groups, as the overall fee for travel is shared among passengers. The journey is also fast with minivans, as the journey takes about 3.5 hours. Minivans offer a good luggage allowance, usually up to a 20kg bag plus 7kg of hand luggage. 


Taking a train 

Train travel is an affordable mode of transport from Ella to Kandy that is a scenic but longer journey, with 6 hours almost doubling the journey time of some other transportation options. Train classes include First and Second Class as well as Tourist and Economy options. Trains are a popular option for getting from Ella to Kandy, so some operators will insist on tickets being booked at least a month in advance. The latest train option has sleeping berth options to ensure a comfortable rest during the journey.


Taking a car

Traveling by car from Ella to Kandy is a Standard Car service which can transfer up to two passengers. Staff speak English so you can spend the journey chatting to the driver and can request toilet stops if required. Car travel is a pricier option in comparison to other transport services but offers convenience through hotel pick ups and drop offs.



What is the best time of year to visit Ella?

For a warm and dry climate, the best time to visit Ella is from January until around March. The hottest month is in April when the average maximum temperature hits 71°F (22°C).


What is the best time of year to visit Kandy?

The best time to visit Kandy is in the dry season which occurs between December and April and offers cooler temperatures. The high season is during the same months, so be sure to book travel to Kandy and accommodation in advance.

Companies Operating from Ella to Kandy

Average time

4h - 5h

Average price



Average time

6h 13m - 10h 35m

Average price

$5 - $7


Average time

6h - 7h

Average price



Average time


Average price


Popular stations and stops in Ella and Kandy

Departure stations in Ella

Ella Train Station


Ella - Any hotel

Arrival stations in Kandy

Kandy Train Station

Peradeniya Train Station (Kandy)


Kandy - Any hotel

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