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Koh Phangan at a glance

High season

Jan - March
Current weather
Place you can't miss
Haad Yao beach
Local currency
Good to know
When you think of Koh Phangan, you might associate it with full moon parties. While the parties do exist and are pretty legendary, that’s not all of what this place can offer you. Located in the Southeast part of Thailand, this island is a backpacker's dream. Go diving or snorkeling and explore the water life like you’ve never seen it before. Night markets are amazing and this is definitely not the time to shy away from foods you’ve never tried. When you’re ready to get to know your next stop, it’s usually only a bus and a ferry away. We offer rides to Phuket, Koh Lantra, Suratthani and much much more.

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Top reviews

Koh Samui to Koh Phangan
Due to taking the early 8am trip during this time of covid, I was the only customer on the ferry. The staff were polite and helped me with my large bag.
Ferry was ok - taxi tried to take us to the wrong place
The ferry was fine but we told the taxi driver where we need to go - showed him the address & gave him the tickets which are the name of our hotel on them and he still try to take us to the wrong place and we end up at the minivan that was going in the wrong direction
Clim. Bien organisé. Beaucoup plus cher en réservant