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About the ride from Hua Hin to Koh Phangan

For the approximately 570km (354 mile) trip from Hua Hin to Koh Phangan, there’s only one option - a combined bus and ferry journey serviced by two different (but equally excellent) transport companies. 

A combined bus and ferry journey to Koh Phangan from Hua Hin allows you to travel comfortably and conveniently - and with no stress, fuss or annoying transfers.

Hua Hin and Koh Phangan are two of the most popular seaside stops in the whole of Thailand. But while they both offer golden shores and beachside lazing, that’s where the similarities end. Hua Hin offers city sights, affordable luxury and lots of local tourists, while Koh Phangan is one of the biggest party hubs in the whole of Southeast Asia.

If languid Hua Hin has you seeking something a little more exciting and edgy, Koh Phangan offers exactly that, with pulsating all-night parties on beaches, in jungles and all over the island. 

But don’t let its reputation fool you - Koh Phangan isn’t all beer-swigging backpackers, fire shows and neon nightscapes. If you visit during the island’s quieter months, you get a much more relaxed experience, with quiet shores, fewer tourists and hints of the alluring enchantment the island was once famous for.

After Hua Hin’s markets, skyscrapers and cosmopolitan luxury-seekers, Koh Phangan - whenever you visit - offers a very different side of Thai tourism. 


What to see when traveling from Hua Hin to Koh Phangan

Your journey to Koh Phangan from Hua Hin will come in two sections - a lengthy but enjoyable bus trip from Hua Hin to Suratthani followed by a shorter ferry jaunt from Suratthani to Koh Phangan.

The bus journey from Hua Hin to Suratthani is pretty but unspectacular, as you ride along a well-maintained highway which takes you past small villages, charming homes and smiling kids. Along the way, your bus will stop for food breaks and toilet breaks in remote and rural areas largely devoid of other tourists.

Buses which serve this part of the trip are comfortable and spacious - they’re not the rudimentary rustbuckets which you might have experienced in other parts of Southeast Asia.

Your bus will then pull into Suratthani’s busy but basic port, which serves as a jumping-off point for lots of inviting island destinations on Thailand’s southeast coast.

You’ll clamber onto one of the large ferries which serve the next part of your route, as you begin the most attractive part of your trip from Hua Hin to Koh Phangan.

The ferry journey from Suratthani to Koh Phangan offers vivid views of distant hills, faraway islands and other boats both big and small. For around 90 minutes, your ferry will chug its way towards Thailand’s most famous island as you gawp at your beautiful surroundings. It’s one of Thailand’s most beautiful journeys - and by the time you’ve arrived in Koh Phangan, you’ll already have fallen in love with it.

From the second you step foot onto Koh Phangan’s world-famous shores, you’ll understand its huge appeal. The island bustles with energy, crammed with smoothie bars, drinks deals, budget backpackers, sumptuous shores and a whole host of friendly faces. Koh Phangan’s atmosphere is charming, magnetic and homely - and no matter how long you stay, you’ll wish you could stay longer.


How to get from Hua Hin to Koh Phangan

Taking a combined bus and ferry

Buying a combined bus and ferry ticket from Hua Hin to Koh Phangan removes any stress from your journey, so you can enjoy your trip instead of having to spend endless hours planning it. 

If you buy a combined bus and ferry ticket from Hua Hin to Koh Phangan, you don’t need to buy multiple tickets, deal with separate ticket sellers or fret about transfers. You also don’t need to find anywhere to sleep en-route!

In short, it’s the most comfortable and convenient way to get to Koh Phangan from Hua Hin.

All ferries and buses from Hua Hin to Koh Phangan are very comfortable, with AC, great facilities and reclining seats. 

Some buses offer blankets, food and drinks, while all ferries have excellent outdoor seating areas for those seeking a big slice of all the surrounding views.

While all ferries have toilets, most buses don’t -  but they will stop for toilet breaks along the way.

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