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About the ride from Hua Hin to Koh Tao

A small seaside fishing town until it gained popularity after the Thai royal family built their summer palaces in the 1920s, Hua Hin is now a thriving resort destination famous for its beaches, tropical landscapes, and seafood shacks. The Hua Hin beach is the ultimate must-visit spot - swim its waters, kitesurf or hop on a banana boat ride. There's plenty to do for everyone. 

Tour the manicured gardens and verandahs of the Maruekhathaiyawan Palace or set out on a day-long trip to the Kaeng Krachan National Park and Pala-U Waterfall. Swap your beach sandals for trekking boots as you hike to Khao Daeng Viewpoint. But, for the most awe-inspiring sights, find your way to the Phraya Nakhon Cave - a temple hidden inside a cave. 

Pro tip: Visit the cave around 10:00 am for the unforgettable spectacle of the sun's rays pouring in from the cave's ceiling. 

Sparkling greens and brilliant blues welcome all those who set foot on the soft sandy beaches of Koh Tao. The island's crystal clear waters are perfect for discovering kaleidoscopic coral gardens and spotting turtles (No surprise as Koh Tao translates to Turtle Island!). The best way to do this is to sign up for a snorkeling cruise or to rent a kayak and paddle around, discovering diving spots on your own. For a bird's eye view of the island and to click some Instagram-worthy sunrise and sunset pics, hike to John Suwan Viewpoint or Fraggle Rock. At night, savor some of the freshest seafood and watch a fire show - sundowner in hand! 

The distance from Hua Hin to Koh Tao, including road and water, is around 290 miles (465 km), and the only travel option available is to take a bus - ferry combination. Travel times vary from seven to nine hours. Air-conditioned buses take passengers to the pier, where travelers transfer to a ferry that drops them at the Mae Haad Pier in Koh Tao. 


What to see when traveling from Hua Hin to Koh Tao

Swaying trees and beautiful sea views are guaranteed on your ride from Hua Hin to Koh Tao. Once aboard the ferry, you can sit back and relax to the sight of the ocean's calming blues and greens. 


How to get from Hua Hin to Koh Tao

Taking a bus/ferry

With both destinations located in the Gulf of Thailand, the only way to travel between Hua Hin and Koh Tao is by taking a bus and ferry combination. Travel times are around seven to nine hours, depending on the operator and time of departure. An air-conditioned bus takes passengers from Hua Hin town center to the pier from where travelers transfer to a ferry that takes them to Koh Tao.

The buses make stops along the way if passengers need to use the restroom or just stretch their legs. The ferries have indoor air-conditioned seating and outdoor seating. 

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