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Заказать Паром из Трат в Ко-КутПродолжительность: 1ч
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Имеются 3 операторов, выполняющих рейсы из города Трат в город Ко-Кут,, с отправлением 6 раз(а) в день. Если вы решите совершить поездку по маршруту типа «Паром», можете выбрать варианты «Высокоскоростной».

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About the ride from Trat to Koh Kood

Part of the Koh Chang Archipelago, laid back Koh Kood is known for sunsets, idyllic beaches, coral reefs and waterfalls. Relatively undeveloped, the island has a mixture of budget accomodation and high-end resorts. It’s a peaceful, rather than a party island, and there’s little else to do except relax, swim, snorkel, pamper yourself in a spa and whizz around on a scooter, not that anyone’s complaining. 

You can’t fly to the Koh Chang Archipelago so you’ll need to take a boat. Several ferry services and a faster speedboat service leave every day. Bookaway suggests taking the ferry, because hotel pick up and drop off is included, making the journey smoother. If your ticket doesn't include this, you’ll need to make your own way to the pier from Trat, and to your hotel once on the Koh Kood.


What you’ll see when traveling from Trat to Koh Kood

This is a short and scenic boat ride, so relax and enjoy being on the open water and passing the other islands in the archipelago.  


How to travel from Trat to Koh Kood

Taking a ferry

There are three types of boat on this route, the High Speed Ferry, Standard Ferry and Speedboat. The High Speed Ferry and the Standard Ferries are modern boats. Seating is in a cabin with A/C or on the outdoor deck if you want to enjoy the view. The High Speed Ferry also has free Wi-Fi. Hotel pick up and drop off is included. 

Taking a speedboat

The Speedboat knocks 15 minutes off the journey, but is more expensive and tickets don’t include onward transport to your hotel or guests house.

All ferries leave from the pier at Laem Sok, around 20 minutes’ drive from Trat Town. There are some places to eat at the pier, toilets and a car park but not much else. Once you arrive on Koh Kood the boats dock at a tiny pier in Ao Salat, a small fishing village in the north of the island. From here, it takes around 15 minutes to drive to the west coast, where most hotels and resorts are located. 

If seas are rough, ferries might be cancelled, in which case you might have to wait for the next boat or request a refund. Bring cash with you, because there are hardly any ATMs on the island. 

Отзывы о поездке из Трат в Ко-Кут

  • P
    Easy purchase of tickets
    The only punctual ferry I have experienced in Thailand ! Everything was convenient. My only remark is that, at the return trip to the bus station, there is no indication where/how to go to Trat airport !!
  • A
    Good service
    Good service
  • G
    Everything fine
    Everything fine

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Стандартный Паром - Koh Kood Princess начиная от US$12

Предположительно, транспорт отправляется отсюда 6 раз в день.