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Mui Ne с первого взгляда

Высокий сезон

Dec - April
Места, которые вы обязаны увидеть
Sand dunes
Местная валюта
Полезная информация
Mui Ne is on the southern end of Vietnam. If you are venturing all around the country, Mui Ne is a great place to end up on with soft-sanded beaches, quiet waves. Of course, what many globetrotters visit for are the red sand dunes. Take a hot air balloon ride over them and get a bird’s eye view. In general, Mui Ne is a perfect place for deep relaxation. After visiting the Thap Po Sah Inu temple, go to the beach. There, you can meet local fishermen and learn about local history. The nightlife in Mui Ne is growing steadily, allowing a great time to be had without the feeling of seclusion.

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About the ride from Da Lat to Mui Ne

     Da Lat and Mui Ne are pretty close to one another. But what they offer couldn’t be more different. Travelling from the cold climes of Da Lat’s jagged mountains to the sun kissed beaches of golden Mui Ne is a great way to experience Vietnam’s diversity.

     For the 150km (93 mile) journey to Mui Ne from Da Lat, you have three options: 

  • Bus from Da Lat to Mui Ne - typically around 4 hours
  • Minivan from Da Lat to Mui Ne - typically around 3.5 hours
  • Private car from Da Lat to Mui Ne - typically around 3.5 hours

     Buses leave at designated times, but all cars and minivans are hired privately, so you can choose your own departure time.

     Though all options are excellent choices for the right person, we recommend taking a bus to Mui Ne from Da Lat. Though cars and minivans offer more versatility and luxury, they’re a lot more expensive. But given how affordable buses are, they’re surprisingly comfortable and simple to use.


What to see when traveling from Da Lat to Mui Ne

     The journey from Da Lat to Mui Ne allows you to see and experience much of the diversity of Vietnam’s landscapes. 

     While descending through the mist and mountains of Da Lat, you’ll experience small winding roads, sheer drops, and beautiful hues of green and brown. But when you begin to leave this mountainous region, the peaks and valleys make way to flatter land, welcoming you to the golden shores of Mui Ne’s sunny beaches and shimmering sea. 

     As the sea comes into view, you’ll begin to get excited for warmer weather, watersports, and lazy hours of soaking up the sun.


What is the fastest way to get from Da Lat to Mui Ne?

     The fastest route to Mui Ne from Da Lat is 3.5 hours. Many vehicles offer a journey of 3.5 hours - Standard Minivan, Standard Car, SUV Car or Economy Bus. 

     Though all of these journeys have their own perks, an SUV Car is the most likely to make good time. Other vehicles are more likely to be slowed down by traffic or poor roads.

     SUV Cars are hired privately, so they can depart at any time. Prices start at around $95 for the full car, which has five seats.

What is the cheapest way to get from Da Lat to Mui Ne?

     The cheapest way to get to Mui Ne from Da Lat is via Tourist Bus and Economy Bus. These journeys both cost less than $8.

     Of these options, the fastest bus is the Economy Bus, which takes around 3.5 hours.


What is the most popular way to get from Da Lat to Mui Ne?

     The most popular way to get to Mui Ne from Da Lat is by Tourist Bus. The Tourist Bus from Da Lat to Mui Ne takes 4 hours and costs less than $8.

How to get from Da Lat to Mui Ne

Taking a bus to Mui Ne from Da Lat

     Buses are an excellent and easy way to get from Da Lat to Mui Ne. They’re very affordable, and the journey times aren’t much longer than other options. Sometimes, they’re even equally short!

     All trips take place during the day (rather than at night), and all buses have air conditioning. Some offer blankets and English speaking staff, but you should check the individual listings to see which providers provide which perks. 


Bus stations that take you from Da Lat to Mui Ne:

Departing from:

  • Various streets in Da Lat
  • Sinh Tourist Office in Da Lat

Arriving at:

  • Various streets in Mui Ne
  • Sinh Tourist Office in Mui Ne


Taking a minivan from Da Lat to Mui Ne

     If you take a minivan to Mui Ne from Da Lat, you can choose either a Standard Minivan or a Comfort Minivan. A Standard Minivan holds up to 13 passengers, while a Comfort Minivan holds up to 9.

     Comfort minivans, though more expensive, are very luxurious. They have WiFi, charging points and plush seats, perfect for a comfortable journey.

     You can’t buy an individual seat in a minivan. Instead, you have to hire the full vehicle. This is a great option if you’re travelling in a big group, but it’s not so good if you’re a solo traveller.

    With all minivans to Mui Ne from Da Lat, you can choose your own departure time along with your own pickup and departure points.

Minivan pickups in Da Lat

  • Anywhere you like!

Minivan drop-offs in Mui Ne

  • Again, anywhere you like!


Driving from Da Lat to Mui Ne with a private car

     Interesting fact: did you know that you can only drive a car in Vietnam if you’re a citizen of the country? 

     If you decide to rent a car in Vietnam, it will come with a private driver. All of these drivers can speak at least a little English, which can be useful for asking for information, and requesting breaks for toilet stops, snacks and photo opportunities.

     You can choose from three options: Comfort Car, SUV Car and Standard Car. Some of these options have WiFi and charging points. All have air conditioning. 

     With all private cars, you can be picked up and dropped off wherever you like - and you can choose your own departure time.

     For a bespoke, personalised experience, this is the best option we offer.


Which operators can I book with for a ride from Da Lat to Mui Ne?

Da Lat to Mui Ne bus operators

  • Hanh Cafe
  • Khanh Sinh Tour
  • An Phu Travel
  • The Sinh Tourist

Da Lat to Mui Ne minivan operators

  • Mui Ne Go
  • G5Car

Da Lat to Mui Ne car companies

  • G5Car
  • Mui Ne Go


How many departures from Da Lat to Mui Ne are there each day?

     There are around 12 total buses leaving from Da Lat to Mui Ne each day, in addition to the private transfer options of both cars and minivans.