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เกาะช้าง (ระนอง)

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สถานีใน เกาะช้าง (ระนอง)  

Ko Chang Pier, Tambon Ko Phayam, Amphoe Mueang Ranong, Chang Wat Ranong, Thailandlogo
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เกาะช้าง (ระนอง) ในทันที


Nov - April
Ta Daeng Bay resort
Not to be confused with the Koh Chang island which is nestled near Trat, this Koh Chang island is a wonder of the Ranong vicinity. Upon arrival you may notice how there's barely anyone on the island; this place is beyond what you can imagine when it comes to peaceful, the noise and foot traffic levels are so low that tiny crabs aren't afraid to scuttle around the beaches. You won't be able to miss the beautiful black sand beaches. The shores are decorated with all sorts of blooming flowers like hibiscus and monkeys which wander between the branches. You can definitely spend your morning on the traditional Thai boats, all blue and orange, soaking in the sun and the splash of the waters.

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