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Africa is a huge continent, with some of the most breath taking and diverse scenery which the world can offer. Tanzania sits on the eastern coast, with it's capital city of Dar es Salaam sitting next to the Indian Ocean. Dar es Salaam is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years and turn into a megacity, which is a stark contrast to the nature in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjara is here, so hopefully many of those traveling are looking to cross a point off of their bucket lists. The term "safari" can acurrately describe the possible experiences in Tanzania, with endless fields of grass which are spotted with mysterious looking baobab trees. Between the baobab, you may even spot animals like wildebeest, zebras and giraffes. Many of the most wondrous, African animals are native to this country. If ecotourism is what you're looking for in Africa, make sure to do extensive research about the sustainability of your choices. It's important to know whether any people or animals are exploited in the process, and to go for excursions which are morally sound.
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Transportation types in Tanzania


Buses in Tanzania


You really couldn't ask for a better mode of transport for Tanzanian roadscapes other than bus travel. It's usually coach buses which travel between cities; these buses are simple in offerings but they get the job done. Luggage allowances are quite standard, and bigger bags get stored in the compartment below. Make sure to hold on to smaller bags and valuables, and keep an eye on your things throughout the journey. On board, it may get a bit loud at times as drivers love to turn on music, so just make sure to bring earplugs if you know it'll bother you, especially so if you're going overnight.


Flights in Tanzania


Flights are the norm for travel in Africa - it allows for easy access between rough terrains. A journey with hundreds of kilometres in between can be shortened to mere minutes of flight. Keep in mind that short flights are very much not sustainable and produce a giant carbon footprint. The departure schedule is quite flexible. On board, cabins are quite simple. There are usually no bathrooms on planes since it's such a small cabin. Make sure to bring a sweater or layers with you as it can get chilly on the airplane.