A charming view from within central Tanzania

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Popular routes in Tanzania

Arusha to Mwanza

6hfrom $44

Arusha to Dodoma

6hfrom $25

Arusha to Igumbilo

10h 55mfrom $38

Dodoma to Arusha

6hfrom $25

Nairobi to Moshi

3hfrom $32

Moshi to Nairobi

3hfrom $32

Mwanza to Bukoba

8hfrom $25

Mwanza to Arusha

6hfrom $44

Moshi to Arusha

30mfrom $31

Mwanza to Dodoma

12h 20mfrom $38

Nairobi to Dar es Salaam

1h 25mfrom $145

Moshi to Dodoma

6h 30mfrom $31

Namanga to Nairobi

25mfrom $34

Paje to Zanzibar

1hfrom $19

Igumbilo to Arusha

10h 55mfrom $38

Zanzibar to Nairobi

1h 20mfrom $293

Karatu to Arusha

2h 20mfrom $48

Mombasa to Zanzibar

50mfrom $176

Arusha to Moshi

30mfrom $31

Tanga to Zanzibar

4hfrom $118

Arusha to Mombasa

5hfrom $108

Mombasa to Arusha

5hfrom $108

Morogoro to Moshi

8hfrom $108

Moshi to Mwanza

6hfrom $44

Singida to Dodoma

3h 15mfrom $19

Arusha to Tanga

7hfrom $34

Kendwa to Zanzibar

1h 20mfrom $19

Tanga to Arusha

7hfrom $34

Zanzibar to Kendwa

1h 20mfrom $19

Arusha to Arusha

20mfrom $20

Mombasa to Tanga

3hfrom $60

Dodoma to Mwanza

12h 20mfrom $38

Bukoba to Mwanza

8hfrom $25

Tanga to Mombasa

3hfrom $60

Dar es Salaam to Singida

10h 55mfrom $41
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Tanzania at a glance

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Good to know
Africa is a huge continent, with some of the most breath taking and diverse scenery which the world can offer. Tanzania sits on the eastern coast, with it's capital city of Dar es Salaam sitting next to the Indian Ocean. Dar es Salaam is projected to grow rapidly in the coming years and turn into a megacity, which is a stark contrast to the nature in Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjara is here, so hopefully many of those traveling are looking to cross a point off of their bucket lists. The term "safari" can acurrately describe the possible experiences in Tanzania, with endless fields of grass which are spotted with mysterious looking baobab trees. Between the baobab, you may even spot animals like wildebeest, zebras and giraffes. Many of the most wondrous, African animals are native to this country. If ecotourism is what you're looking for in Africa, make sure to do extensive research about the sustainability of your choices. It's important to know whether any people or animals are exploited in the process, and to go for excursions which are morally sound.
Spoken language
Swahili, English
Cost to avg. transport ticket
US$ 33.4

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Which holidays are celebrated in Tanzania?

These are the holidays celebrated in Tanzania:

  • Boxing Day
  • Christmas
  • Easter Monday
  • Eid al-Fitr
  • Good Friday
  • Karume Day
  • Labor Day
  • Mawlid
  • Nane Nane Day
  • New Year's
  • Nyerere Day
  • Revolution Day
  • Saba Saba Day
  • Tanzania Independence Day
  • Union Day