Tran Quy Cap Stationハノイ, ベトナム

  • 地元のオペレーターにインターネットで予約をする
  • 24時間年中無休で営業しています
  • 旅行者による、旅行者のためのストーリー

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    Tran Quy Cap Train Stationへのアクセス

    Tran Quy Cap Train Station is also known as Hanoi Train Station. The train station has 2 separate buildings, Building A and Building B. Building A is for all trains traveling from North to South and is located on Le Duan street. Building B, located behind Building A, is on Tran Quy Cap street and deals with trains to and from Sapa. The Old Quarter can be reached in approx. 10 minutes.

    Check in point for Et-Pumpkin, King Express, New Livitrans and Sapaly is located in the alleyway to the right of the main entrance.

    Chapa Express has a pop up banner and check in point outside Waiting Room Gate No. 6.

    住所:  1 Trần Quý Cap, Văn Chương, Đống Đa, Hanoi, Vietnam

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サパ は、ハノイから行くいちばん人気の場所です。行くのに8時間かかります。 ダナン は、ハノイから行ける2番目に人気の場所です。行くのに15時間 38分かかります。

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