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Nov - Jan
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Kep town serves as a wonderful day trip from nearby Kampot. This town is charming and quiet, a great beach resort to dip your toes into. Get on a short boat ride and head to Rabbit island. This island has grainy sand beaches and warm waters. You may find yourself spending way too much time in a hammock, cooking under the sun like a perfect Rotisserie chicken, the dream of every island traveler. Take a break from lounging and eat something: crab is local delicattesen - a true farm to table experience.

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Top reviews

paying twice??
after the trip the driver insits i have to pay additional 45 dollars, even though trip was already prepaid by card and started a loud argue on the street. only an other cambodian man, english speaking, could stop him from that. didnt´t he know trip was payed? or was it one of those tries to cheat a customer i experienced in cambodia so often...
We buy for van, we
We buy for van, we have a bus...