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Royal Palace
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The history of Phnom Penh is rooted in antiquated mysticism which led to the city being called as the “Pearl of Asia”. The city mixes French and Chinese style with historical Cambodian design to create a unique space. Monsoon season (May to November) maybe bring difficulties to travellers so be sure to visit in the other half of the year. It is important to visit the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum to learn about the Khmer Rouge regime. Gold roofs occupy almost every temple (most importantly, the Royal Palace) giving Phnom Penh regality that probably doesn’t exist anywhere else.

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Pickup from hotel took over
Pickup from hotel took over 75 minutes after advertised time of pickup. Otherwise journey was fine and comfortable.
Great Service
I would have given 5 stars but I think 4 and a half is fair for the overall journey. Like some of you reading this review I have travelled by mini vans here in cambodia, Thailand and Laos and they are all white knuckle rides! The drivers seem more interested in overtaking any kind of vehicle that's in front of them at extremely high speeds, just to gain a few feet.... AT ALL COSTS!!! What I mean by this mainly is they are playing Russian roulette with not only their own lives but with all the lives of the pasangers! The amount of times they have done this while on a road that has just 2 lanes (traffic going both ways) and I have witnessed some very close head on collisions. It is a very scary experience as the speeds most people drive at... This includes HGV's and big construction material carrying trucks! I would be amazed if anyone would survive a crash of this kind. So I booked giat Ibis after reading the reviews but also knowing that it would be a large bus/coach I would stand a better chance of survival! They are professional people who do the driving and they split the drive between 2 drivers and they also have a 3rd guy who talks on the mic informing the passengers about the journey and then hands out water and a cake. So 100% I would use again and also recommend that you use them if you value your lives. Happy travels!
Giant Ibis Bus
Giant Ibis Bus