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Dec - Feb
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Tra Su Cajuput Forest
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Although Chau Doc borders Cambodia, it it represents true Vietnamese rural culture. In this city you’ll find the Sam mountain. This mountain stands as a combination of ancient relics, consistent pilgrimage, and Vietnamese earth. The mountain is not very large so is perfect for amateur hikers. As you start from the bottom, you’ll notice that artefacts are hidden between the crevices and pagodas stand at tops of plateaus. From the peak you can see Cambodia and Vietnam, both countries covered in green-carpets, and shrouded by bright blue skies. When you make it back to Earth, stop by a local cafe and enjoy a quiet cup of jasmine tea.

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Top reviews

Très bien!
Nous avons emprunter la compagnie Hang Chau tourist pour notre traversée de Phnom Penh jusqu'à Chau Doc. Le bateau est petit mais nous n'étions que 5 ! Un privilège. Nous sommes partis et arrivés à l'heure. Nous avons eu droit à une bouteille d'eau, 2 bananes et des biscuits chacun. Très appréciable. Le personnel du bateau a rendu les formalités aux frontières très rapide. Je recommande !
We were hesitant as to
We were hesitant as to whether the boat would be too much trouble compared to taking a bus, but the process was very smooth when we got there as was the boat ride (smoother ride than a bus for sure!). The Hang Chau people were all friendly and it was nice to see the Mekong on the way down. We left about a half hour late but got into Chau doc on time. FYI, the border process was fairly smooth other than we had an e-visa for Vietnam for a day later so had to pay a bit to change it to today (15$USD), but if all your information is correct it should be simple. Overall trip was worth it!
Great. Good information and organization
Great. Good information and organization for the borders, and nice trip.