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3 ways to get from Siem Reap to Kampot

Taking a Bus from Siem Reap to KampotDuration: 13h
Know before you go

When travelling from Siem Reap to Kampot, bus travel’s a completely comfortable option to book. The cabins are special, as they are hotel buses, meaning that instead of berths there are double beds on each side. If you don’t want to sleep next to a stranger, be sure to purchase two tickets.

  • Pros
    • Makes rest stops
    • Fully air conditioned cabin
    • Ample luggage allowance
    • Overnight accommodation replacement
  • Cons
    • Shared cabin space - little privacy
    • No upright seating (only berths)
    • Long journey
    • Non refundable
    • No other transport options
Most popular rides
Taking a Minivan from Siem Reap to KampotDuration: 8h
Know before you go

There are 4 operators that run from Siem Reap to Kampot. If you decide to take a Minivan, you can take the Standard option.

Most popular rides
Taking a Car from Siem Reap to KampotDuration: 8h
Know before you go

There are 3 operators that run from Siem Reap to Kampot. If you decide to take a Car, you can take the Standard option.

Most popular rides

About the ride from Siem Reap to Kampot

Siem Reap is the gateway to the magnificent Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and said to be the world's largest religious monument. Travelers from around the world visit these ancient ruins, setting off on day or even week-long discovery tours that allow them to understand and appreciate its history and beauty. Siem Reap is also the perfect place to catch an enchanting Apsara Dance performance along with an evening of savoring the finest Cambodian cuisine. 

Kampot is dramatically different from Siem Reap, with its small town vibes and relaxed atmosphere. Visit its pepper plantations and salt flats or simply spend time amidst its lush green countryside. While there, don't forget to click a picture or two at the Durian Roundabout, a monument dedicated to the popular local fruit. Ride out to the Bokor National Park for some of the most mesmerizing panoramas.

Travelers can expect to cover the 280 miles (452 km) from Siem Reap to Kampot in eight to eleven hours, depending on your travel choice. Overnight sleeper buses are a popular pick though not the fastest. Minivans are economical and have shorter travel times, while private taxis provide flexibility and convenience.


What to see when travelling from Siem Reap to Kampot

Get ready to experience the serene beauty of Cambodia's countryside on this journey. Farmers working their lands, lush green paddy fields, and giggling children are just some of the sights that await you if you travel during the day. Those traveling by sleeper bus can expect a good night's sleep, waking up in Kampot, ready to discover this charming town. 


How to get from Siem Reap to Kampot 

Taking a bus 
Taking an overnight bus from Siem Reap to Kampot is a popular choice as it helps save on hotel costs. This makes it an excellent choice for backpackers and budget travelers. The air-conditioned buses come with flatbeds, blankets, and pillows so you can sleep your way through the 10+ hour journey. 
Since the buses only have double beds, travelers who prefer not to share space are requested to purchase two tickets. It’s also worth keeping a warm jacket handy as the temperature can get quite cold as the night progresses.

Taking a minivan
Another option available for travelers looking to get to Kampot are minivans. A good choice if you are looking to travel during the day, minivans offer hourly departures, usually from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm and take around eight hours to complete the journey. With a capacity to accommodate up to 12 passengers, it's a good option if you are traveling with other families or are part of a larger group. Ticket prices start from $22 per passenger, making it an economical choice. With the shortest travel times and airport/hotel pick up and drop off, they provide convenience and value for money. 

Hiring a private car/taxi
Families traveling with children or couples looking for more flexibility and privacy can consider renting a private taxi. Most operators offer daytime departures and can accommodate up to seven passengers depending on the car's size. Though the most expensive option, they have some of the shortest travel times (around eight hours) and offer the convenience of hotel pick up and drop off.

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Bookaway's customers prefer Sleeping Bus by Virak Buntham Express

Standard Minivan 6 PAX by About Siem Reap Travel & Tourswhich usually takes 8h

229 Km (Air)

Standard Minivan by Champa Mekong Express starting at US$21

Approximately, there are 2 departures each day. You can also book a private ride and leave whenever you want.