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Don Det at a glance

High Season

Oct - April
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Kayaking the Mekong River
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Don Det is a sleepy island and provides simple offerings: a bungalow, a hammock, and a warm breeze. This island sits inside of Laos' 4000 islands and it is a great starting point for a full exploration of the Mekong river. Rent a motorbike and cross into the nearest land masses near Don Det, like Don Khon. While in Don Det, spend your days going to the beach and strolling into waterwalls. An unforgettable activity to dive into would be exploring the Mekong by kayak. Keep in mind that the island technically shuts down at 11pm, all business will be closed and a curfew is set into place. Before the curfew, make sure to get a taste of local food at the many beach front bungalows and restaurants.

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Top reviews

Excessively Long For No Reason
I had no issue with the transport itself but the route from Don Det to Siem Reap was longer than anticipated and needlessly so. At Don Det I was told to be at the pier around 7:45am or so. The boat didn't leave until 8:10am. After the 20 minute journey to the shore we were told that there was an hour wait for the bus. Around 9:30 we boarded the bus to the Cambodia border. I booked the EVisa and was through in record time (note: you do need $2 US to leave Laos for your exit stamp and $2 more for your entry stamp. And they want US Dollars.) There was about a 2 hour wait at the border despite everyone on our original bus getting through within an hour. Apparently we were waiting for another bus of people. We finally board this bus (we have now had 1 boat, 2 different buses) and traveled for an hour before we stopped for lunch. 1 hour break for lunch. So in 6 hours we have only traveled about 2 hours. Frustrating for everyone. After lunch we change to yet another bus and we are finally off to Siem Reap. We arrived around 7:30pm in Siem Reap and the company had tuk tuks waiting to take us to our accommodations which was greatly appreciated. I will say the staff in Don Det were AMAZING and I really appreciated the tuk tuks waiting for us in Siem Reap. Just be prepared for an extra long day of travel and save yourself some money, and save everyone some time and get the e-Visa online before arrival!