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How to get from
Ischia to Sorrento

Ischia to Sorrento Trip Overview

Distance39 km (24.4 miles)
Ride Duration1h
Earliest Departure15:25
Latest Departure15:25

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Travel Schedule Options from Ischia to Sorrento

A beautiful view from within central Sorrento

About the ride from Ischia to Sorrento


You’re probably going to feel disappointed having to leave Ischia. Who wouldn’t? But at least the ride from Ischia to Sorrento is one more chance to appreciate the timeless allure of one of Italy’s most beautiful and popular regions.

While Sorrento lacks the long strips of soft, sandy beaches you might have experienced in Ischia, this charming little town presents plenty of opportunities for lazy days filled with unhurried strolls and delicious cups of cappuccino.

The city’s nerve center is Piazza Tasso, around which everything revolves. Spend a day (or two!) discovering its hidden gems dining at some superb restaurants, tasting gelato, admiring the architecture, or simply people watching.   

Lovers of seafood will be spoilt for choice at the Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, both known for their delectable seafood dishes and sublime views. 

The town of Sorrento is also the perfect launching pad to visit some of Italy’s most famous attractions. The ancient city of Pompeii is just a 45-min car ride and makes for the ideal Sorrento day trip. Explore the city’s ruins against the backdrop of the majestic Mount Vesuvius. Those looking for a little outdoor adventure can sign up with a certified guide and trek to the edge of the crater. 

Hop on a ferry and discover Italy’s sparkling gem the Amalfi Coast. Visit Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello, postcard-perfect towns that are all too easy to fall in love with. Sip on fresh limoncello, wander the alleys and come upon views that stir a little something in your heart.  

The distance from Ischia to Sorrento is 30 miles (48 km).

While taking a ferry is the only option available, which month you travel will determine which route you will take. 

Direct ferries to Sorrento are available only during peak tourist season, from May to October. If you are traveling outside these months, you can still take a ferry but not a direct one. Instead, you will have to take a ferry to Naples, Capri, or Pozzuoli and then catch another ferry to Sorrento.

You could also get to Sorrento by taking a ferry to Naples and then hopping on a train, hiring a taxi, or taking a bus for the journey from Naples to Sorrento.


What to see when traveling from Ischia to Sorrento

The Ischia to Sorrento ferry ride allows you to revel in the soothing hues of the Gulf of Naples. So, grab an outdoor seat and let the breeze caress your entire being as the sun warms your soul. 

If, however, you want to live life king-sized, there is nothing quite like renting a private speedboat like the rockstar you are and basking in the beauty of this region! 


How to get from Ischia to Sorrento

Water transport is the only way you're getting off Ischia, so hopefully, you're a fan of ferries.


Taking a ferry from Ischia to Sorrento


During peak season 

During summer, the peak tourist season, you can take a direct ferry. It’s the best way to travel from Ischia to Sorrento. 

Alilauro runs a non-stop high-speed ferry to Sorrento from Ischia. Unfortunately, this service is only available from May 1st to Oct 31st. Travel time is around one hour.  

The frequency of the Alilauro ferries is twice a day one in the morning at 10:30 am and the other in the early evening at 5:30 pm. Ticket prices are around US$28 per person. 

The ferries are fairly large vessels with indoor and outdoor seating. The indoor spaces are air-conditioned, and the ferry has a washroom. 

Luggage allowance is for one piece of baggage weighing up to 9 kgs. If you have extra luggage, you will be required to pay US$3 per piece. If you’re taking a bicycle on board, you will have to pay an additional US$7. 

The ferries are also pet-friendly. You’re allowed to bring small pets, including cats and dogs, for an extra charge of US$5. Do note you will need to select these options when purchasing yourduring checkout. 

Departure is from the Ferry Terminal Ischia, and the ferries arrive at the Port of Sorrento. 

During low season

During the low season – from November to April – the direct ferry service is not available.

Instead, you will have to take a ferry from Ischia to Capri and then transfer to another ferry from Capri to Sorrento. 

The second option is to take a ferry from Ischia to Naples and then transfer to another ferry from Naples to Sorrento. 

The third option is to take a ferry from Ischia to Pozzuoli (located 30 mins from Naples) and hop on a ferry from Pozzuoli to Sorrento. 

While the Ischia - Naples - Sorrento and the Ischia - Pozzuoli - Sorrento routes operate throughout the year, the frequency of ferries drops to one or two per day during the off-season. 

All the options mentioned in this section have a travel time of two hours or so since it involves a transfer. Therefore, it’s best to note ferry departure and arrival timings on both sections of the journey to keep the layover time to a minimum. 

Do note that ferries are canceled in case of rough seas or high winds.


Taking a private boat from Ischia to Sorrento

While the most expensive option, hiring a private speedboat is perfect for those looking for more flexibility in traveling or simply want a more luxurious experience. Travel time is around one hour, similar to that of direct ferries.

It’s ideal for groups of six to ten people. 


Taking a ferry + road transport from Ischia to Sorrento

You can also get from Ischia to Sorrento by taking a ferry from Ischia to Naples and then going by road. You can take a bus, taxi or even a train to get from Naples to Sorrento. 

Even though it’s not direct, it’s a good option during the offseason or if you want to explore cities along the way. Travel time is around two hours (not including transfer and layover time).

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Popular stations and stops in Ischia and Sorrento

Departure stations in Ischia

Ferry Terminal Ischia

Arrival stations in Sorrento

Port of Sorrento

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