How do I get from

Yangon to Taunggyi

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Are there any stops during the trip?
Should I take food and water with me?
Can I take my bike with me?
Is there a flexible cancellation policy?
What is the distance between Yangon to Taunggyi?
What is the cheapest transport option from Yangon and Taunggyi?
What is the frequency of departures per day?
Can I choose my pickup / drop off location?
What is the luggage policy?
Can I book a ticket for the same day?
What is the most popular transportation service from Yangon to Taunggyi?
What is the fastest transportation service from Yangon to Taunggyi?
Who are the service providers on this route?

Top reviews

Need some improvements
Thanks for your survive, it was fine overall but I think there are rooms for improvements. If there is security point on the way, it may be good to share that info with passengers beforehand, including expected arrival time(not the arrival time for destination, but security point and toilet break) Been waken up by force with no explanation, just been told “get off now” was unpleasant and confusing. If the agents have no time to explain then just add the explanation on the ticket. Expected actions are far better, and easy to be understood by passengers. Thanks for your service, again, you made me travel easily in this country.